The “M” Word

I am in my sister’s wedding in October. Along with Flora — the flower girl, aptly enough — and another maid of honor, and her future stepdaughter as the junior bridesmaid. It’s a small wedding party, which is great.

As the married woman of the group, I am expected to carry a title that I have a strong dislike toward.

I am officially declaring that in the program and in all other communiques regarding Dr. Sis’s wedding, I would like to be referred to as the Married Maid of Honor — the MMOH.

Not that other word.

That other word is for powdered aunts over 70 years old. It is for proper ladies who wear pearls. It is for women of a certain age. I may someday be a powdered aunt who properly wears pearls. I probably will be of a certain age — in 40 more years.

But I just can’t embrace my proper title. Yes, I am (happily!) married; I have delivered four children and am raising three.

I own a lovely pair of pearl earrings passed down from my grandmother.

Otherwise, I just don’t see myself as a… you know. That word.


Along those lines, I am planning a Girlie Weekend in the Philadelphia area for the women of the wedding. Any restaurant or spa suggestions are welcome. (See, I’m planning spa time! Those M-words don’t go to spas!) I also regularly panic about the thought of giving a toast. I’m not a nervous public speaker per se, but I’ve no idea what to say. I guessing the shorter the sweeter, right?

My sister was my MOH. She wrote and read a poem as her toast. It was pretty impressive, so I do have a bit of an act to follow.

10 thoughts on “The “M” Word

  1. We had a pretty small wedding party — besides our parents, just two people — so we could get away with playing with those titles a little bit. Our friend Emily didn’t like the M Word either, so we used what we thought was an even better title: Best Woman. It suited her very well.

  2. When we got married, my husband’s best friend was his best man – except she’s a woman. So we called her the Best Babe.

  3. You are one of the most amazing writers’ I know. I thoroughly enjoy all of your blogs. You write from your heart from what I can see. Don’t change anything and I am sure you will leave everyone breathless.

  4. I vote for “Best Woman!” And as far as the toast…you ARE a POET! just prepare like you would for a poetry reading and you will do just fine…just think of it as a “theme” reading, where people get dressed up all fancy. You will be FABULOUS!

    congrats to Dr. Sis:)

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