No Questions, Please

I was changing Michael’s diaper the other day, and Flora happened to be looking on.

She’s a curious child.

Flora: Does his pee come out of that (pointing at his penis)? Or out of that (pointing at his testicles)?

Me: It comes out of his penis.

Flora: What’s that? (Indicating his testicles.)

Me: Those are his testicles.

Flora: Do they hold pee?

Me: No. (And that’s where this conversation should have ended. But noooo.) They hold sperm.

Flora: What’s sperm?

Me (silently to self: Shite!) (out loud): Sperm is what a daddy uses to help a mommy make a baby.

Flora then makes a serious of extremely awkward and hilarious hand gestures, pointing toward her body, indicating that she seems to know that a man’s special part goes into a woman’s special part for said baby making.

Me: Yes, Flora, the penis goes into the vagina. That’s how babies are made.

How do I get into these discussions?