Random Thoughts: My To-Do List — For The Rest of the Year

I have so much to do, and so many things happening — most of them very, very good — that until June 3 and then again from July 15 to October, I am booked.

Talk about needing a clone. My clone needs a clone.

1. This coming weekend: Kate is “graduating” from preschool; Dan is putting together the massive outdoor playset we bought (we split the costs with my SIL’s family, and he is getting lots o’ assistance); we have a family 40th birthday party to attend; and it’s Bluz’s BBQ with the Carpetbaggers. On the upside, I took Friday off, so I have a four-day weekend. Which will undoubtedly disappear in a flash.

2. My parents are coming down for Kate’s “graduation”, so we will probably have lunch with them and take them on a tour of my husband’s office, which I playfully refer to as our second house.

3. The weekend after this one, Flora “graduates” from kindergarten — the last kindergarten class to graduate from her school. Then we are supposed to be in Erie for another 40th birthday party that night. I haven’t quite worked out the details on this yet.

(Aside: I put “graduation” in quotes like this because, well, it’s just preschool and kindergarten, and it seems silly to call it graduation. Both girls did well this year, and they will not be returning to their school next fall since it is closing, so technically, it is more of a graduation than “graduation”. Still, I’ll save the parties for high school.)

4. Technically, we have a break in planned activities at this point — although I am supposed to be doing something social with a few people, I think. Drinks may be involved. I hope someone emails me the details. And I remember to write them down. And get a sitter.

I also owe many people phone calls. Our phone (and cable and Internet) at home was out for a week. It was, finally, resolved with little muss or fuss. I got all my messages on Sunday. Sorry for the delay!

5. July 15, Harry Potter — last book, part II — comes out. We also have to go up to Erie for a wedding on July 16. This may require a vacation day on July 18. Oh, wait, I may have to take off July 22. See #6.

6. July 23, Girlie Weekend — which, of course I have been planning this whole entire time — in Philadelphia. This is not my traditional college-girlfriends Girlie Weekend, this is for my sister. July 30 is her shower, near Pittsburgh, and October 8 is her wedding. In North Carolina.

6a. Notes to self: Check into MegaBus for Girlie Weekend. Make contact with Philadelphia-area peeps for fun suggestions. Send out invitations through Facebook or e-mail. Book hotel. Make dinner and/or show reservations.

6b. Warn Dan about Girlie Weekend.

7. Wedding: dresses. Gifts. Getting in shape. Renting car — or, possibly, *buying a new car*. At some point, getting all three of the children into our four-door, sedan-type vehicles is going to move from “tight fit” to “untenable”. Taking vacation days.

8: November birthday. December birthday. January birthday. That’s just *my* kids. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas.

The End.


This is what my husband refers to as “plate-spinning”. I have to keep all this up in the air — and I do have help — while also spinning plates named “children”, “work”, “house”, and “paying bills”.

My arms are tired.

Is it any wonder that I wake up in a cold panic about this stuff once or twice a week? Actually, it’s the baby who wakes me up, and then after I get him settled, the cold panic sets in.

Must remember: deep breathing, taking things one day at a time, and my Dad’s motto: “Don’t panic. It’s so unattractive.” Also, may stock up on towels, and train everyone — even Michael — to always know where his/her towel is.

8 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: My To-Do List — For The Rest of the Year

  1. Sorry to hear you have such a lengthy to-do list (you’re popular!), but happy to see a certain wedding penciled in 🙂 ~

    • Oh the BBQ is definitely my “fun” time over the weekend. With Dan having a major building party in our backyard, I am pretty much on lone kid wrangling duty. Except for the BBQ. 🙂 Can’t wait to meet you!

  2. When stressed out and wanting to flee, just go see the Harry Potter movie again (and again and again). =>

    PS: New car? Minivan?? Some other 3-child-carrying vehicle?

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