Random Thoughts: Things I Like

I like sleeping on clean sheets. It just makes me happy.

I like chocolate. I missed it a lot over Lent. I missed it so much that I didn’t go the entire 40 days without it. Chocolate is my anti-depressant of choice.

I like my morning coffee.

I like the colors of plants and trees this time of year. The green of new buds and the hues of blossoming trees make me happy. Although I enjoy them most when it’s sunny (*ahem*, Mother Nature), they really pop against a gray sky, I will admit.

I like my children’s artwork. I still have many of Flora’s pictures of her little brother. Kate, especially, likes to get jiggy with some crayons. Sometimes, she doesn’t even draw anything (unlike her sister, who almost always draws a baby, or a dog, or some kind of animal). Sometimes Kate just colors madly.


Subset: Things I Like and Miss Terribly

The library — we haven’t been in months, and we won’t be going for awhile yet. Flora (finally, God willing and the creek don’t rise) will be having soccer games most Saturdays for two months, and if it’s nice after that, we’ll be outside Saturday mornings.

Wearing sunglasses — I haven’t been able to wear my contact lenses since I was 36 weeks pregnant. At a recent eye exam, the doctor diagnosed allergies (which, duh), and gave me some drops. I have to use them for a week, and he gave me new, soft contact lenses to wear. (Up until now, I have only worn gas permeable rigid lenses.) I’m excited to try them after I’ve been using the drops for a week. Because it *will* be sunny again, and I hate squinting.

Exercise — real, formal, organized exercise. A run and then weights; a 30-minute DVD workout. Something. Anything. My little walks aren’t cutting it. The fact that I am on my feet nearly all evening isn’t really toning muscle (it’s just making my feet hurt).

Sleep — real, uninterrupted-for-hours sleep. (This probably directly impacts the above point.) It’s in terribly short supply, and the worst part it that it’s not my baby who is (always) keeping me up. Those other two are just as guilty for how badly I am sleeping lately.

Smoking cigarettes — It has been more than a year — nearly 400 days, actually — since my last smoke. And I’ll be honest, I miss it a lot, some days more than others. But this is one thing I would like to keep missing.


It’s the little things, people.

What do you like? What do you like and miss terribly?