More things in heaven and earth…

While we were eating Easter dinner, Flora came into the dining room.

“Is heaven in the galaxy?” she asked.

After some consultation among the adults, we decided that Heaven was not in the galaxy, but it is in the universe.

Flora went back to the kids’ table in the kitchen, announcing, “Guys, guys, heaven isn’t in the galaxy. It’s in the universe!”

Thirty seconds later, Kate came into the dining room.

“Do you know what crap means?”


And that pretty much sums up the differences between my two girls. One has her eyes on the heavens, and the other is a little more prosaic. I half expect Michael to query someday whether there is crap in heaven.


…Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.


Also: THIS. Tina Fey’s A Mother’s Prayer for Its Daughter

2 thoughts on “More things in heaven and earth…

  1. Love love love that essay by Tina Fey, much like I do with everything she writes. Oh Great Universe, why wasn’t I given the opportunity to meet and woo her before she married that dough-faced putz instead of me?

    Oh well. Why fuss about it. I couldn’t land Joan Jett either, and I did meet her…

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