Tooth to Power

I know that reading about other people’s kids isn’t all that scintillating. Unless you get a good story about a kid running amok, maybe, into another person’s shopping cart. That at least gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you either are or will be a better parent than that poor sucker. Ahem.

But I am going to go ahead and post probably the most boring bit of news about a kid that you are going to read today (unless of course you’re already gone).

I’m doing it because this here blog-type thing is also my baby book. For Flora I had a journal, and actual baby books; but this is what I got for Kate and Michael.


Michael cut his first tooth last night, at 19 weeks and 6 days.

I have to go and check Flora’s baby book, but I’m pretty sure she got her teeth early, too; by 8 months, she had a bunch of them in front. Kate, on the other hand, took longer. I don’t think she popped her first one until 6 months — she was a drool monster from 4 months through 2 years, though.

I don’t know that Michael’s tooth is going to make any difference in my poor sleep. Kate was crawling into bed with me last night at 12:30 for some reason, and then snored the night away (I seriously have to get her adenoids and/or tonsils checked out), and then Michael needed BRT (binky replacement therapy) three times at 4:30 a.m.

I guess it does get us *this much closer* to solid foods though. I told him once he was sitting up unsupported, I would get him that rice cereal he’s been begging for.


Do I need to wait that long? I forget. His head control is awesome, but he can’t sit up at all. Back to the baby books!

7 thoughts on “Tooth to Power

  1. I never waited for the unsupported sitting for cereal. I *did* try to wait until fully 6 months of age but Jamie nearly grabbed the spoon out of my hand when I was eating a yogurt when he was about 5 months. So, I got him some cereal. he *loved* it. I did go with the oatmeal rather than the rice because it’s less binding for their little bowels.

    Liam – I tried solids around 5.5 months. He hated cereal in all forms so we had to skip it entirely. I tried applesauce and his tum protested so I quit until he was over six months and he did fine after that.

    I say if he’s grabbing for it, you can try it. You can always mix the cereal on the runny side for him!

    • that’s a good thing to watch for, then, thanks! he hasn’t gone for our food just yet, though he is *fascinated* by dinnertime in our house. Of course, that could be because of his sisters’ antics rather than “hunger”. Dinnertime isn’t boring! Then again, nothing is. Oy.

  2. We gave oatmeal to both our boys around 5 months. Jack took to it very well. X, well not so much. He’ll be 7 months on Saturday and just in the last couple weeks has really “gotten” the whole eating thing. He just recently lost his tongue-thrust reflex so it was a struggle to keep the food in his mouth. I say give it a try. If he doesn’t do well or like it, put everything away for a few weeks and then try again.

  3. I did Yo Baby Yogurt first with my kids when they were 6 months old. Cereal just doesn’t look appetizing.

    However, the yogurt spit up smells horrid.

    My kids all cut their teeth by 3 months and had a full mouth by a year. Pretty sure I got no sleep what so ever.

  4. I found this post on my quest for baby & teething info. It made me laugh because I’m expecting my 3rd baby next month and I know how much I’ve forgotten since my last baby 3 years ago! It’s like you move on to your child’s next stage and your brain has no room to hold onto info on previous stages! 🙂 I’m hoping for an easy teether this time. My older kids were on the late side. I’ve recently also found this Mom’s Guide to have good info and creative tips, if you want to check it out. I enjoyed your post… I think because I can relate so much! (Oh, yeah… I’m about to miss out on a LOT of sleep, aren’t I??)

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