Tooth to Power

I know that reading about other people’s kids isn’t all that scintillating. Unless you get a good story about a kid running amok, maybe, into another person’s shopping cart. That at least gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you either are or will be a better parent than that poor sucker. Ahem.

But I am going to go ahead and post probably the most boring bit of news about a kid that you are going to read today (unless of course you’re already gone).

I’m doing it because this here blog-type thing is also my baby book. For Flora I had a journal, and actual baby books; but this is what I got for Kate and Michael.


Michael cut his first tooth last night, at 19 weeks and 6 days.

I have to go and check Flora’s baby book, but I’m pretty sure she got her teeth early, too; by 8 months, she had a bunch of them in front. Kate, on the other hand, took longer. I don’t think she popped her first one until 6 months — she was a drool monster from 4 months through 2 years, though.

I don’t know that Michael’s tooth is going to make any difference in my poor sleep. Kate was crawling into bed with me last night at 12:30 for some reason, and then snored the night away (I seriously have to get her adenoids and/or tonsils checked out), and then Michael needed BRT (binky replacement therapy) three times at 4:30 a.m.

I guess it does get us *this much closer* to solid foods though. I told him once he was sitting up unsupported, I would get him that rice cereal he’s been begging for.


Do I need to wait that long? I forget. His head control is awesome, but he can’t sit up at all. Back to the baby books!