Fair Weather Fan

I do not complain about the weather very much, I really don’t.

I grew up in Erie; I’ve been living in Pittsburgh for 20+ years. We are well north of the Mason-Dixon line. I don’t expect fall to last until Christmas — snow and cold on Halloween are to be expected. Nor do I expect spring to start… well, anytime earlier than the end of May, frankly. Regardless of what the rodent may predict.

I admit to being hopeful about what Phil predicted about an early spring this year. Between “morning” sickness and an exhausting pregnancy last year, and a baby born in December, I have been ready to be outside for more than a year. We are too cooped up; we have watched too much TV. I need sunshine AND warmth. I need no more snow showers.

I also need a baby who doesn’t cry when he’s in his stroller, but we’ll get there eventually I hope.

Last week, @Mom101 tweeted: “I’m ready for warm air to match the blue sky outside. Starting…now.”

I RT’ed this, and added, “Seriously. Kill Phil Vol. 1.”

Flora was supposed to start soccer on Saturday, but they had to cancel the clinic because it was too cold. This week she is supposed to have practice Thursday, and her first game Saturday. I am up for hauling Michael and Kate where I need to¬† — that’s what baby carriers are for, after all — but I don’t want to have him out for long periods in wet or cold! They are calling for *snow* again for Pete’s sake!

I am desperate for it to stop being cold. So my children can run around in the backyard without needing hats and gloves. I am even more desperate for it to stop being wet and cold. I probably would mind less for myself. But think of the children!