Minor Surgery, Major Headache

Suddenly this past week, I had to have surgery.

It was very minor surgery of a womanly nature (and that’s all you need to know), but, man, the logistics were a pain in the butt!

If my in-laws had been in town, it probably would have been easier. They are down in Florida on a well-deserved vacation. The timing sucked for us — but, hey, it’s not all about us!

About 20 phone calls and texts later, I finally had everything set up. Michael would go to Day Care Lady (yeah, that one) for the day, which would serve as a trial run. She will probably be watching him for a few months until we move him to the girls’ daycare. Flora would be in school and then daycare; Kate would be in daycare all day. I have been having them only go part-time for a bit because I’ve been off of work.

Because they were giving me IV sedation, I had to have transportation, too. Dan drove me to the hospital and stayed until I woke up — thank goodness, because I got really nervous waiting for the procedure. The whole thing happened really fast, and I didn’t feel in control. Of course, I wasn’t in control — I seldom am, but I like the operate under the illusion that I’m in control. Who doesn’t? My sister-in-law J was going to pick up Michael and stay with me and the kids until Dan got home. She cooked dinner, too, which was great since I had fasted all day and was FAMISHED. My sister-in-law K picked me up from the hospital, picked up the girls, and brought us all home.

I hated leaving Michael for the day. I haven’t followed up with DCL yet, although J reported that when she got to DCL’s and walked in, DCL said, “Is he always this fussy?”

Yes, yes he is.

Once again, I was reminded how lucky I am to live near family. It has got to be difficult to have kids when family is further away. I understand why people have to do it, but given what I went through just to get through a few hours one day, I can’t imagine what has to happen when sisters-in-law and other family are far away.

3 thoughts on “Minor Surgery, Major Headache

  1. It’s like that riddle, where you have to get your fox, chicken, and corn across the river without the fox eating the chicken and the chicken eating the corn. We don’t have family nearby, so we’re always trying to remember which friends we haven’t asked for a favor lately! (Hope you’re feeling better.)

    • That is exactly the perfect analogy. Especially as my SILs have children of their own they have to run around with! It was like a particularly challenging logic problem.

  2. Oh my…having family nearby is SO important. I really feel for so many of the parents I know here that don’t have family here. If it weren’t for my mom and Zach’s parents, I honestly don’t know what we would do. Just the simple comfort of leaving your kid(s) with family is worth everything.

    I hope all is okay with you now! And in case I haven’t said it recently, congrats again on the new babe 🙂 He’s adorable!

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