Minor Surgery, Major Headache

Suddenly this past week, I had to have surgery.

It was very minor surgery of a womanly nature (and that’s all you need to know), but, man, the logistics were a pain in the butt!

If my in-laws had been in town, it probably would have been easier. They are down in Florida on a well-deserved vacation. The timing sucked for us — but, hey, it’s not all about us!

About 20 phone calls and texts later, I finally had everything set up. Michael would go to Day Care Lady (yeah, that one) for the day, which would serve as a trial run. She will probably be watching him for a few months until we move him to the girls’ daycare. Flora would be in school and then daycare; Kate would be in daycare all day. I have been having them only go part-time for a bit because I’ve been off of work.

Because they were giving me IV sedation, I had to have transportation, too. Dan drove me to the hospital and stayed until I woke up — thank goodness, because I got really nervous waiting for the procedure. The whole thing happened really fast, and I didn’t feel in control. Of course, I wasn’t in control — I seldom am, but I like the operate under the illusion that I’m in control. Who doesn’t? My sister-in-law J was going to pick up Michael and stay with me and the kids until Dan got home. She cooked dinner, too, which was great since I had fasted all day and was FAMISHED. My sister-in-law K picked me up from the hospital, picked up the girls, and brought us all home.

I hated leaving Michael for the day. I haven’t followed up with DCL yet, although J reported that when she got to DCL’s and walked in, DCL said, “Is he always this fussy?”

Yes, yes he is.

Once again, I was reminded how lucky I am to live near family. It has got to be difficult to have kids when family is further away. I understand why people have to do it, but given what I went through just to get through a few hours one day, I can’t imagine what has to happen when sisters-in-law and other family are far away.