Two Months, One Day

M has nearly doubled his weight, coming in at 12 pounds today at the pediatrician’s office. Developmentally, he’s right on, lifting his head about 45 degrees, pushing with his legs, reacting to sounds.

And smiling. Smiling at me, especially. I get gooey just thinking about it.

He sleeps well, even going through the night a few times. Although he’s a noisy baby (like his big sister Flora was), snoring and groaning and grunting sometimes. Sometimes I wake up when he’s restless waiting to see if he’s going to wake up himself. Often, he just settles back into deeper sleep. Sometimes he comes all the way awake and demands a bottle.

I love all these baby stages. I have yet to get a smile on camera, but I won’t stop trying!

He’s outgrowing the fussy stage a bit, although evenings are still the fussiest time of day. He’s most pleasant in the morning, which just proves that Dan and I aren’t his real parents.

The pediatrician just told me to keep doing what I’m doing, a parent’s favorite thing to hear.