I sit and think of things that I want to post about.

The anxieties of being the mom of an infant again. All the bad television commercials I see. The inconvenience of living in a messy house.

But instead, I clean what I can when I can, and spend a lot of my time staring at this guy.

Can ya blame me?

6 thoughts on “MIA

  1. What a cutie-pie! (And go, Steelers!) =>

    Hope the anxiety is manageable and the commercials don’t push you over the edge. They never get any better, do they?

  2. I can’t blame you.

    I’ve actually been saying that I look forward to the baby coming because I’ll finally have a break. Sure I’ll be deliriously tired, but all the work and unpacking and other things that burden my mind now will lose their importance. I can focus on feedings, diapers changes and what little sleep I can get. My house will be messy, but unlike you I can usually avoid commercials with use of the DVR, On Demand and Roku.

    • I kinda of laughed when we referred to maternity leave at work as “vacation” or “a break”. but it kind of has been. I mean, yeah, my house isn’t any cleaner, and I’m not more rested, and lord knows I’m not sitting around reading books and eating bon bons, but it is a break from office work. And I’ve discovered so many new television shows!

  3. Worth looking at for hours: if you ask me. Not so hot on the housework myself, but you’re right it is just inconvenience – and hopefully (I tell myself) temporary. Sigh.

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