Pump Up The Volume

Feeding an infant is a lot of work.

Even when breast feeding, I have always felt this way. Although nursing has been for me the easiest option, it certainly takes up a lot of time.

And when it doesn’t work, it’s even more time consuming.

After struggling these past two weeks with latch issues, I finally started pumping on Saturday. Michael is now 100 percent a bottle baby. He’s getting breast milk and formula, and, frankly, I’m relieved. His does well on a bottle, although even now, he takes his dear, sweet time about eating. Except at 5 a.m., when he wakes up long enough to take about 3 ounces, and then falls right back to sleep.

It’s a lot of work making bottles. I’m pumping every three to four hours (except for night time), which is fine. It’s all the sterilizing and prepping. I have boiled more water in the past week than I did all of last year it seems. And then the bottles need to be warmed before I give them to him — and sometimes, he really doesn’t appreciate waiting! I’m getting about 2 oz. a pump, sometimes more, sometimes a little less.

His last bottle of the day is usually about 10 p.m., then I pump when he falls asleep, and then we usually get up at 5 a.m. (technically speaking, he’s sleeping through the night), I feed him, pump again, and go back to bed if I can. Dan’s doing the morning routine with the girls, which I know is hard for him.

I like pumping and having bottles to go. I was never comfortable nursing in public. I feel like I’m being judged sometimes, even when I am feeding him breast milk, but no one has ventured to say anything to me. I’m doing what works best for us. My pediatrician is extremely supportive. And as I have a now 9-pound infant on my hands, I would say it’s really working out for Michael.

Of course, because he never latched well, my nipples didn’t exactly get used to nursing, and now the left one feels like the pump is going to tear it off. I hope that passes soon!