Third Time’s a Bust

Breast feeding is not going well. And I’ve no idea what to do.

Michael never had a very strong latch, and starting about a week or 10 days ago, he pretty much gave up on it entirely. I’ve been doing breast compression while he’s feeding to get the milk out and into him.

Breast compression is pretty uncomfortable.

Also, sometimes he is so fussy, he doesn’t latch at all, and I just end up giving him a bottle.

So: he’s feeding about every four to five hours. We start out with the breast (supply doesn’t seem to be an issue, although I’m not sure what my hind milk is like. Michael isn’t the most patient baby). After about 45 minutes or an hour of breast compression (if we’re lucky), if he’s still fussy, he gets formula. He’ll snack on a bottle for the next hour or so.

He’s starting to be more alert, and in between feedings and naps, we are playing and reading. The girls usually participate if they are not too distracted by their Christmas gifts.

I will also say he is sleeping at night like a champ. The middle of the night breast feeding is usually the most successful, and he will go right back to bed with me after 45 minutes or so. His latch isn’t strong, but he’s not fussing at me while I do breast compression.

If you have any ideas to help with his latch, I would appreciate guidance. I’m sure it’s difficult all the way around this time, as I’ve got two other children to take care of. I have to get the tubing for my breast pump, too; otherwise I would just be pumping instead.

6 thoughts on “Third Time’s a Bust

  1. We had latching issues too after we left the hospital. I fed Colin with a dropper for a while because I wanted to a avoid nipple confusion with a bottle, but that ended up being tedious and frustrating for us both. I made a follow up appt with an LC when C was 2 wks and that made a huge difference. She prescribed medicated nipple cream for me which helped promote let down (pain is not good for let down) and she recommended a nipple shield for me. We would not be bfing now if it werent for the shield. I never made it to 4 months with T, and I supplemented the entire time with him. I had major supply issues partially due to similar latch issues and partially due to retained placenta that wasn’t removed until after 6 wks. Best of luck big you want the name of my LC, let me know.

    • If you want to email the LC’s name, that would be helpful. I keep forgetting that Michael’s barely three weeks old, so there’s plenty of time to correct things! I just didn’t have trouble with the girls, so I’m not sure what to do. Thanks.

  2. I wish I had advice but this was never a problem I faced with my kids nor do I have much knowledge on this particular problem after spending time on Mommy boards (God help me). My best advice is really to find an LC that you like and speak with them. Tehamy and Jayesel on Twitter both delivered at West Penn and know of a fantastic LC there if you want to ping them and ask who that is.

    Good luck!

    • The LC I spoke with directed me to a couple of sites online, but I haven’t found anything helpful there, either. I’m going to try to talk with her again. If his latch doesn’t improve soon, I’m just going to order what I need for my pump, and a couple more bottles, and go from there.

      • Ok, if the LC sent you to the internet instead of helping you directly, I deem them lazy. I think you should find a better LC.

        But, I have more than one glass of wine so I’m feeling blunt. 😉

  3. I would second the advice here and suggest seeing a lactation consultant. Latching was never an issue for me, but supply was all three times. My LC(s) helped tremendously, with logistics as well as sanity.

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