Random Thoughts: The Newborn Edition

I have no Internet access at home. This is causing me a bit of anxiety. I’m not quite to panic levels, yet, but I haven’t logged onto my email either. It’s time for a laptop, an iPad, or a smart phone for me. It’s just time.


The good news is that I haven’t much news. Michael is doing great — eating and sleeping well. Like most newborns, he lost a bunch of weight, and my pediatricians are keeping an eye on that. We go back today. As of last Friday, he had lost about 8 percent of his birth weight. But by Saturday, my milk had come in, and he had already gained an ounce back.

If I had a guess, I would say he’s gained a few more over the past few days. His belly’s all rounded out.

He nurses like Kate did: slowly. He’ll probably get more efficient as he gets bigger, but for now, he probably sleeps at the breast more than he actually eats.


As a side note: Perc.o.cet is the perfect pain relief drug. I sincerely wish I had left the hospital with a prescription for some. I was offered one, but I declined it. Because I was feeling pretty good.

I was feeling pretty good because of the Perc.o.cet. By the time I got home, I felt like a truck had run over me. Several times.

If I should ever need that level of pain relief again, I know what I’m asking my doctors for.


Otherwise, life is a series of adjustments. The girls aren’t sure what to do around Michael since they can’t run, jump, or talk loudly when he is downstairs with us. Flora likes to look at him and hold him; Kate wants to poke him sometimes.

The girls’ first reactions to their brother: Flora, upon meeting him Thursday evening: “He’s so little! He’s so cute.” She holds him very well, with support from the boppy.

Kate, upon being asked at daycare about her little brother: “He’s okay. But I’m not allowed to hit him, pinch him, or step on his fingers.”

I’m not really sure where she got those restrictions. I mean, they are all true; she’s not allowed to do those things. But I never spelled it out for her like that. I suspect an older sibling at school or daycare clued her in.

Kate is not quite as fond of Michael as Flora is. She doesn’t like when he cries, and when he’s awake and not nursing, he’s crying. He especially hates having his diaper changed, which he needs approximately 87 times a day.


Speaking of diaper changes: Boy parts! It’s a bit of an adjustment. Yesterday he peed through five outfits, diaper notwithstanding. When I mentioned it to Dr. Bro’s wife, she said, “Oh, yeah. Boys do that. Two of mine did.” (She’s the mom of four boys.) He hasn’t peed on me yet, but he’s got years and years to accomplish that.

11 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: The Newborn Edition

  1. So glad you are all home and settling in! Let me know if I can help with the technology. 🙂

    Oliver got very upset when baby Eleanor cried at first. He was a bundle of conflicted emotions — pretty tough to handle for a two year old. He loved her, she took all my attention, he loved her, she messed up EVERYTHING, etc. Oy. Fortunately, it didn’t last forever.

    • I know you’re a Mac family and Apple fan, but I may look into the iPad for Verizon. Although a Mac laptop would be perfectly acceptable, too. 🙂 I’m sure DAn’s thrilled to hear that.

      What I have to give Kate credit for is that she’s totally upfront. She doesn’t like it when the baby cries, and she’s told me. I think bedtime is hard (for all of us) right now, because that is usually a time I have to be feeding Michael, too. It’s disrupted our routine. Time to make a new one I guess!

  2. When in doubt, always take the prescription… it’s not like you have to use it, but it’s good to have just in case. Like this case.

    Oh, and get a rain slicker for changing. Sure he might grow up to dislike crossing guards…

  3. Wow, that’s quite a scrip to give up. All I got (at the hospital and at home) was Tylenol 3. (And Colace but that’s for something different, of course.)

    I don’t remember a lot of peeing through outfits, but fountains definitely happened. You don’t need anything fancy. Just stick an extra wipe over him while you are doing the change. It won’t necessarily stop him from peeing, but it will keep it from spraying on you, the wall, the carpet, the clean outfit you just picked out, etc.

    In contrast, the thing my husband is most nervous about with a girl is having to wipe front to back.

    As for other things, get a smart phone. They’re small enough to use even when you are trapped under a slow-nursing or sleeping baby. I know a lot of people love their iPhones, but I’m a huge fan of a qwerty keypad and love my Android phone. I only had it a few weeks before AJ was born, but it kept me from feeling completely isolated, particularly once the hubby went back to work.

  4. Yes, boy parts are a whole new ballgame. Who knew there were so many folds and wrinkles and stuff??

    Glad you’re getting settled at home, albeit without the joy of good drugs. Hope Michael starts sleeping more for you and gaining that weight, and I hope you start to feel better soon.

  5. Remember when I told you that the parts have to be pointed in the right direction? Point the penis down!!

    It took me two weeks with my first boy to figure out why I was changing pee soaked outfits so much. It will make a difference.

    Much love to you all!

  6. I had forgotten about dodging the fountain when Aidan was little! Ha ha! Everyone looks great…hope you are feeling better soon! Do you need more receiving blankets? I have a bunch…love you all lots!

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