Michael Timothy, 12/01/2010

I know in social media terms, Michael is already about four years old.

But considering my technical challenges (one of our computers got fried), and priorities (food, sleep, my other children), I put the blog post on hold.

And this is not his birth story. No one’s ready for that.

But here are some photos.

Two days later, and he looks completely different already.

I call this one: “And Then There Were Five”:

He was born at 4:48 a.m., weighing 6 lbs. and 10 oz., measuring 19 inches long.

He’s perfect.

And his big sisters were excited to meet him (and see Mommy).

More soon. Stories to tell, and random (sleep deprived thoughts) to share.

I cannot thank everyone enough for the prayers, well wishes, support, encouragement, baby clothes and gear. My family, Dan’s family, our friends, my Tweeps, his patients, and our co-workers. The kindness and generosity extended to us has been more extensive — and more appreciated — than I can put into words.

Welcome to the world, Michael. It’s a bright and beautiful place.