Random Thoughts: A Little Progress Edition

Last night, I asked Flora to take a shower by herself.

And (more surprisingly) she did it. When she first got in, she pointed out that she couldn’t reach the showerhead, but I said she just needed to stand under the water. She thought that was pretty cool. I think I’ll have to monitor her water/shampoo/soap use for a little bit — she used WAY too much shampoo last night — but I’m encouraged that she’ll soon be showering on her own (with a little help from me).

Is 6 too young to shower by herself? For the record, she won’t be alone upstairs; I’ll have her shower after I bathe Kate, as I’m getting Kate dried off and in her pjs. What do you think?


The girls seem to be getting up a little earlier in the mornings. They used to stay in bed until 8 or later on the weekends, but since school and DST started, they’ve been up between 7 and 7:30. The good thing about it, is a lot of times, they putz around on their own without bothering me and Dan. Sometimes they will come in around 7 and ask, “When are you getting up?” And I will usually mumble something about 8 a.m. (Flora can almost tell time on a digital clock now.)

I’m going to start leaving cereal and bowls within their reach on the weekends. They’ll figure it out. Not that I’ll be sleeping in very long — I’m sure Bud will have his own schedule.


On the Bud front: after being head down again for about two days, Bud went transverse again. The good news is my fluid improved even more, and he continues to grow. He turned once, and I hope he’ll do it again. Fingers crossed.


On one hand: Yay, women breaking stereotypes: See (former) professional cheerleaders who are now scientists and doctors cheer for science. On the other hand: Are they sexualizing science, and is that all right? Not quite sure the message here. It’s okay to say, “You can be smart AND beautiful.” It’s okay to say, “People who like science and math aren’t nerds.” But packaging it in hot pants and knee-high boots with pom-poms… I just don’t know if that’s the way to go. What do you think?

The Steelers do not have cheerleaders. And I will argue  it’s because our beautiful denizens are too busy with their other careers, from teachers and writers, to nurses, doctors, engineers, and technology innovators.

11 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: A Little Progress Edition

  1. I think it’s fine (and awesome) that Flora showered by herself. We started doing that with Avi because of hockey. It saves a lot of time. I check on him for the shampoo and rinsing, just like you’re doing with Flora. But I totally applaud this.

    • She has always been an independent child, thank goodness, and with the new baby coming (any day now!), I appreciate that trait of hers more than ever. When I asked if she could take a shower on her own, she was like, “Sure, I’m a big girl now.” Like I said, she’ll need a little monitoring and help for a bit. Thanks for the encouragement. 🙂 More than time, it REALLY saves my back!

  2. A little self-sufficiency is never a bad thing. L is 5.5 and he does most of his bathing on his own, but we do the hair because he just can’t seem to get it right yet. We’re working on it. Jamie, at 20 mos, is trustworthy enough to walk into the next room to get pajama and diapers ready while he plays. Can’t wash himself, obviously, but he doesn’t need eagle eye supervision either.

    ‘Course, maybe if I spent more time with my eyes on him, he’d poop in the tub less often.

  3. My kid is 7, and we just started to let her shower on her own a couple days a week (one of us is in the next room, popping in and out). She still prefers a bath, though.

    I hear you about the earlier wake up. The odd thing for me is I get my kid up just after 7 a.m. for school, and it is such a fight. Yet for the past two weekends, she has been awake by 7:10 or 7:15. I tell her not to bother me until 8, and she is usually good about it, playing or reading, but today she thought that 7:45 was close enough. This was AFTER she pushed the door open several times before that. Good luck!

    • I know. My girls would take baths, too, but my back is not up for it anymore (or right now, anyway) and they tend to splash too much!

      We get our girls up between 6 and 6:30 during the week, so sleeping past 7 is sleeping in for them. And us, for that matter! Still, 8 am would be so much nicer!

  4. I remember being terrified of showers when I was a little kid. I don’t know what it was: maybe it felt like a tile box where I couldn’t see out; or maybe I didn’t like water hitting my head. Then we stayed in a campground somewhere, and Mom and I walked down to the bathhouse with our soap and towels and took a shower together. And suddenly the shower seemed like big fun.

  5. I say good for Flora. No problem letting her shower alone. A little independence goes a long way, I say.

    Good luck with #3 staying downward facing. This kid is already giving you trouble…

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