Week 37

I went from thinking about possible induction or C-section today — and I do mean today, as in the answer to my daughters’ question “When is the baby’s birthday?” would be “Nov. 16” — to hearing some great news: Bud is (once again) head down. Plus my fluid came up. It’s still low-normal, but less low — more normal, I guess.

Now, he just needs to stay head down. After we heard the good news, Dan said, “So is there any way to make sure he stays there? Duct tape? Superglue?”

I was like, “Stay away from my belly.”

The biggest pain was that I had scheduled an 8 a.m. appointment to get me to work no later than 9-9:30 or so.

Instead, there was a rush of births (in Labor & Delivery, imagine!) this morning, so everything took way longer than usual. For example, it took 45 minutes for me to get hooked up to a monitor for my NST. And then I was on it for, like, an hour and a half.

Ah, well. The important thing is we’ve got some more time with all the good news we have today. As long as Bud continues to cooperate, we can take C-section off the table (as an immediate go-to option). I am pretty relieved about that. I’ve made it through a number of pregnancies without needing one, and I would like to keep that record.

(For the record: nothing is wrong with having a c-section. Healthy baby, healthy mommy. I just would prefer not to have one at this point in my medical history.)

(That said: if things change yet again, and it’s medically necessary to have a c-section —  sign me up.)

8 thoughts on “Week 37

  1. With Hannah, I had low fluid the whole pregnancy. This brings back such memories, mostly about how blissfully ignorant I was about what low fluid means. I had NST every few days; I even had a weekend in the hospital, but I never really understood how staying off of my feet would have helped (and it would have). She was three weeks early and less than 6 lbs. What a joy she has been ever since! I cannot wait for li’l Bud to meet you, Dan and the girls. Joy all around! Hang in there, Mama.

    • Dan said an interesting thing today while we were waiting for the sonogram tech. He said, “I wonder how appropriate my feelings are.” And I completely understand what he meant. Because of our experience, it’s hard for us to take our pregnancies for granted and just think everything will be just fine. It would help, of course, if even after Gabriel we had less interesting pregnancies, though!

      Yeah, I wish I could rest just a little more. I do my best to take it easy (really, I do!), and I have some help with my in-laws around and Mom & Dad nearby. I’m drinking tons of fluid. I feel like all my organs are floating in there!

      And both your girls are delights! Joy, indeed. 🙂

  2. Of course you don’t WANT a c-section! Who WANTS major abdominal surgery?! I hate that saying you don’t want to have a c-section is sometimes taken as being demeaning to women who had them. I don’t want an appendectomy either, but I don’t think that makes me better than anyone who has had one. People need to be relax.

    And I saw your note about working until you have the baby. Me too. I’m hoping that this one will be as accommodating as her brother. My water broke as I was going to put on my shoes. (My feet were so swollen that I always avoided that until the last minute.) 10-15 minutes later and I would’ve been on the train. Here’s to both of us having the process start comfortably at home.

  3. I can tell you having recovered from 2 c-sections, it’s not so bad…although I don’t have a natural delivery to compare it to. I am sure all with be well with you and Bud, no matter what. Take care Mama and try to get some REST!!!! Much love to all of you…and Happy Belated Birthday to Ms. Flora:)

    • Yes, but you are braver than I am! And technically speaking, I haven’t had a natural delivery yet; I’ve always been induced. I just skipped the epidural with Flora. 🙂

      Thanks for the bday wishes she had a great day and weekend. We will talk to you soon!

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