Random Thoughts: Ready or Not Edition

I really wanted to put up a new post before the weekend started, and I’m struggling for a subject.

There is this: As of tomorrow, I will be one month away from my due date. I am ready to meet this baby.

Baby Boy? Not quite ready yet they tell me. We’re in negotiations.


Flora turns 6 next week. SIX. Baby Boy, I take it back: Hang in there until she is 6 and until after her party, which is Nov. 14. And then: any time.


Dan and I have started the process of buying the building where his private practice is. *GULP*


My parents are planning on coming down to Pittsburgh three weekends in a row. Fortunately not THIS weekend, which makes it cleaning and organizing weekend. And buying new doors weekend as well.


What are you ready for? What are you ready for that’s not ready? What aren’t you ready for, but it’s going to happen anyway?

5 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: Ready or Not Edition

    • He almost didn’t ‹ or at least I thought he was trying to jump ahead in line. I guess I get one false alarm. (blogging about it tomorrow. Don’t mean to tease.) πŸ™‚

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