Random Thoughts: The Pregmentia Edition

I have had several ideas swirling around in my head all week for blog posts, but it seems I can’t focus on any one.

I’m having focus issues at work, too. I wish I were a little busier, actually, because I think that would help. (I know: be careful what you wish for. Especially on the Thursday of what seems to be a long-ass week.)


One thing I’m trying to explore is my attraction to the music of Eminem. I recently picked up Recovery, his latest CD, and I really like it. (I have two earlier CDs, also, The Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show.) “Love the Way You Lie” gives me chills. I can’t figure out what it is about Eminem that I like so much.

And judging from my Twitter stream, I am not the only white woman/mom I know who loves his stuff. What is it about Marshall’s music?


Another topic I have come across is this book, Origins: How the Nine Months Before Birth Shape the Rest of Our Lives. There’s a lively exchange between the author of the book, Annie Murphy Paul, and one of the writers at Slate that I enjoyed. Paul also has an adaptation in Time Magazine.

I cannot actually read the book right now. As I’m knocked up and all. I think it would definitely be information overload.


Speaking of the whole pregnancy thing: I am entering the very uncomfortable stage of the third trimester: wheezing, waddling — I think I’ve already mentioned the sleep issues. As @MamaPhan put it in a Tweet the other day: “I declare turning over in bed to be an Olympic sport.” (Her due date is 12/1.)

Another problem is eating. My appetite is nil, primarily because I don’t have any room in there. But obviously I have to eat. I think my body is flirting with heartburn, too, which I find very distressing. I did not have heartburn with Flora and Kate, but I did have it (for the first time in my life, actually) with Gabriel. So, I’m not feeling very sanguine about it.

Six to eight more weeks; homestretch. That’s what I am trying to focus on. We have another ultrasound tomorrow to see how the little guy is doing.

I can’t wait to meet him.


Lastly, there’s suddenly a rash of articles online about drinking during pregnancy. This is the topic that is especially tweaking me, primarily because of the comments I am seeing.

But more on that later. When (if?) I can focus again.


Speaking of drinking, I just had a pop (soda, for those of you outside of southwestern PA) with sugar in it instead of HFCS. Mommy likey!