Weekend Update: Skating Edition

On Sunday, we attended a birthday party for Niece and Nephew at a local roller skating rink.

This was the first time (to my knowledge) that my girls had been on roller skates. I felt a little bad for my husband because he was going to have to help them around the rink with no backup help from moi.

But the girls surprised me. After a couple of times around with Daddy (and after we traded Kate’s regular roller skates for those plastic ones you can put on with shoes), they went off on their own. I think for most of the second hour we were there, they made their way around without adult help. (Except for the guy who has to help Flora up in the first video.)

Some things I learned:

1. My BIL-IL can skate backwards. I didn’t even know he could skate forward.
2. Nephew, in his own words, “is like a cheetah out there on my skates.”
3. Aside from the music, roller skating rinks have not changed in… oh, 30-some years.
4. My children can limbo on roller skates. I don’t know where they picked that up.
5. Kate is unstoppable. I mean, I knew that, but she demostrated it in spades on Sunday.
6. Even being afraid of falling and hitting her head did not stop Flora.

Sorry about the crappy camera work, but I think I managed to capture the fun and delight of the experience. I couldn’t exactly run (or skate, obvs) alongside.

I really could not have been prouder of the girls. They dithered at first, and Flora was whining a little bit when she first started, but once Dan & I explained that skating was something they had to learn, that they wouldn’t be able to do it without some practice, they got into it.

Now they want to know when we’re going back.

10 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Skating Edition

  1. I always loved going to the roller rink… but then I already knew how to ice skate, so that was a big help. (and I was a lot older than your girls.)

    Didn’t like that trail of skin left on the floorboards, though, after a fall. Ice was much more forgiving.

    • Yeah, but you just got right up and went around again, right? I was worried that Flora might quit after a fall, but she didn’t. I give her mad props for that.

  2. Thank you for the videos of the girls. They made me cry, probably because I had a terrible doctor’s appointment and Dan looks so grown up (in my mind, I guess none of us left grad school) but they reminded me of what fun it could have been. I roller skated precisely once in second grade: I was 18 before I was diagnosed and at that age was simply regarded as a major klutz. I went roller skating with a church group to a town about 12 miles away. I could just about get moving at a pace that would not make a snail carsick without falling down, but unlike everyone else that had walking down pat, I could neither walk, roll or, most importantly, turn. I ended up aiming for the wall and hoping that when I hit at this glacial speed that I would bounce off at an angle that approximated 90 degrees. Sort of like pool, only a lot less fun. So I hit this wall, but instead of veering off like I had before, I fell. I could hear the break before I felt anything, and no one was around me, so it was a few minutes before the adults could reach me (and lets face it, I had been a champion faller, and never broke bones any of the other times). I could just remember sitting there feeling like gravity had it out for me while we waited for my parents to get there. And I think I was right about gravity, all in all.
    I loved the joy on their faces; you’ve got to be doing something right for them to look at a new experience with such fearlessness and security.

    • Oh, Shawna, I’m so sorry this made you sad! that sounds like a very difficult memory. And I’m sorry you got disappointing news from your doctor. My thoughts are with you.

      (As an aside: Dan, grown up, ha!)

  3. Man, I loved roller skating! I still flash back to weekends at the roller rink every time I hear Prince’s “Raspberry Beret.” And “Eye of the Tiger,” of course.

  4. I’m sorry that I was such a downer; it really was a funny story, who other than me gets to play human pinball? I’m just glad it was so much fun, it kind of let me vicariously enjoy what might have been.

    • @shawna,

      Oh, no worries. It’s interesting the lenses we all view life through, you know?

      BTW Dan thinks of you very often. He’s such a terrible correspondent. Sometimes it even takes him days to have real conversation with me. 🙂 But I know he misses you very much.

      Sending warm wishes your way, as always.

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