Random Thoughts: The Unthemed Edition

On Saturday, I took the girls to a cross country clinic at their grade school. It was just a little intro to what the sport was about (i.e. running). They had a good time.

The clinic was outside in the parking lot behind the school, and it was pleasantly sunny day. After about a half hour, and a few laps (and stretches and jumping jacks) Kate came over to where I was standing with some of the other parents. She wanted a drink from her thermos.

“Sit here, Mama,” she said, indicating a folding chair next to her. “I need some shade.”


Flora has learned to tie her shoes! Another milestone achieved!

She’s had lace up sneakers since the beginning of the school year, and she’s been interested in learning how to tie them. This weekend, we finally took a few minutes together to go through the steps.

The trickiest thing was teaching her where the hole for that second loop was. And sometimes she still loses track of it (thumb gets in the way). But all-in-all she can now tie her own shoes.

Now: for the double knot.


So who’s going to kill me for this weekend’s to-do list? Because I’m already up to: make ghost decorations with the girls, shop at Costco, shop for birthday gifts, join some Tweeps for dinner at Bocktown, and go to a roller skating birthday party. (I will not be roller skating.) I’ll be too busy to even look at laundry!

6 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: The Unthemed Edition

  1. I know it was embarrassing (being used for shade) but I’m impressed with Kate’s resourcefulness. But don’t feel bad… I’ve used much less for shade… lamp posts, tiny ledges… every little bit helps.

    I have a friend I used to eat lunch with downtown, he was a Big Guy, and was always searching for that “Shade Route” as we’d be coming back from lunch. He said he had to stay out of the sun as much as possible or else he’d “spot up.”

    As he’d beeline for every available scrap of shade on the way back to the office, I swear his route would look like one of those Family Circus cartoons that shows the tangled dotted lines…

    • Oh, it was hilarious. The other parents and I cracked up.

      That’s actually a good word for Kate: resourceful. She can think on her feet in a way that her big sister doesn’t.

      I’m a “shade route” kind of person. I like my special shade of pale, and go to enormous lengths to preserve it.

  2. I don’t blame her. Cross Country ended my trace career, and I threw the discus and javelin. My college coach insisted that the whole team run Cross Country in the Fall. Only it was Texas and 100 degrees. I was looking for shade myself. I finally found it in my dorm room and many off campus bars. So much for the track career. Damn, it could have really paid off, too.

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