A Few Questions: Mad Men: Season 3

And even as I write this, I’m already at Mad Men: Season 4, Episode 4.

But, still.


1. Was Conrad Hilton really such a nut job? Don’t get me wrong, I loved him (as a character; having worked for a “marketing communications” agency — we did so much more than ADS, people! — he seemed like a nightmare client) and I liked that he gave Don a hard time and kept him off balance. But I just wonder if the character was based on the actual Connie Hilton, or if he was fabricated.

2. Why is Betty Draper so very despicable in Season 3? She’s such a big baby! Is it the culture that infantilized suburban housewives, or is Betty Draper unique in her upbringing (i.e. “Daddy’s” girl) that makes her that way? Is it the way she treats her children? Is it the way that I know she would never leave Don without Henry waiting in the wings? Is it her whole me-centric bearing throughout the season?

Also: 2b. Why would you pick Christopher Stanley over Jon Hamm? I’m sorry, but Jon Hamm is my new marriage clause. Christopher Stanley is very, very meh. Unless, of course, you are Betty Draper and have daddy issues. And you discover your husband has been lying to you from day one.

3. Why don’t I hate Don Draper? I actually have been fascinated by this question since I started watching Mad Men. He is a lying, cheating bastard (okay, he couldn’t have helped that last part) who is totally eff’ed in the head — and I am utterly compelled by him. The bad boy motif? I don’t think so, only because he’s so… manly. The steel gaze, the square jaw. But he is such a complex mystery, oddly moral in his ways. The scene where he breaks down and tells Betty about his past — it was… moving. I just wanted to see her give him a hug, for God’s sake.

4. Watching Mad Men, with all the drinking and smoking, is torture when you’re pregnant. Torture, I tell you. (Okay, not a question.)

5. What happens(ed) to Sal? I love big, gay closeted Sal. What is up with showing him in a phone booth lying to his wife? The background seemed to intimate at hot gay action in a park somewhere. Am I missing something? Where is Sal?? (If you are ahead of me in Season 4, and know this, don’t tell me. If there is anything to tell. If there’s not, don’t tell me that either!)

3 thoughts on “A Few Questions: Mad Men: Season 3

  1. I don’t have time to comment on all points, but as for #4 do you remember when Betty’s friend (the actress also played “cut throat bitch” on House) was pregnant? She didn’t have a problem smoking and drinking! If I can find some vintage maternity clothes (long shot) I would love to be her for Halloween. (With candy cigarettes and club soda, of course.)

    • You could pull off Betty! She smoked and drank, too, through her pregnancy. Plus, did she gain any weight? One of the scenes that struck me was early in the season, where she finds the empty box of melba toast, and she’s sad because they’re out. Don says, “For God’s sake, Bets, eat some oatmeal. That baby’s going to weigh a pound.”

      For Halloween, Dan and I are thinking of going the blasphemous route: either altar boy and knocked up Catholic school girl, or priest and pregnant nun. (And, I’ll need to go to confession again…)

  2. Jon Hamm is just a whole other level of handsome…and he is dark and mysterious…in need of TLC…my favorite. Honestly, I hate Betty Draper’s character because of the way she treats her children…and she is SO shallow. Don is deep…and Betty just doesn’t get it. All she can see is his faults…I am obviously completely smitten!

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