Random Thoughts: The High Points

Last Thursday to Saturday seemed like a week. But my grandmother’s arrangements and funeral did really go as well as could be expected. I felt very peaceful at the end of it all (and exhausted). I hope my mom feels things went well, too.

I did say a few words at the service. After I got back to my seat, Flora made her way over. “I liked your information about GG,” she whispered.


Grappling with the idea of death is tough when you’re a 3-year-old. We had an open casket for GG, and just one day of viewing. I took Kate and Flora to the afternoon viewing (only for an hour) and they attended the funeral as well.

Kate kept trying to point out that GG wasn’t dead. “Look,” she would dramatically whisper at the home. “She’s right there!” I found myself repeatedly explaining the difference between sleeping and death. It’s times like this that true faith and a belief in an afterlife sure come in handy.


Sunday night, we had a double date with my in-laws. Although dinner at Tambellini’s downtown was a complete bust, afterward we went to see The Phantom of the Opera.

It was amazing. I don’t have anything in the way of theatrical critiquing chops so you’ll have to look elsewhere for reviews. I just know it was something I’ve wanted to see staged since I first heard the music. I had chills the entire show from the voices alone.


I could not have been happier that yesterday was a holiday. Flora is coughing, and I seem to be fighting a cold (my throat was killing me yesterday — I seriously considered gargling whiskey just to numb it), so we needed a good day of sitting around doing nothing big. Dan ran around; I made lentil soup. It worked out well!


On a final note, today was Kate’s first day of preschool. (Photo soon.) She was delighted, and she had no hesitations about putting her things away and getting down to business (which seemed to be playing with Rocket from Little Einsteins). I’m not sure she even noticed Dan and me leaving the room.

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: The High Points

  1. Oh, Dawn! I’m just catching up and am so sorry to hear about your grandmother. I know you didn’t get that chance for 24 hours with her and a tape recorder, but you do have the memories you’ve recorded here and the ones you shared at her funeral. And that counts for something, to you and to her.

    • Thank you, Stacia, for your kind words. I do believe that talking about my grandmother, here and at the funeral, and since the funeral, has been good. I have so many amazing, good memories of what a wonderful woman she was.

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