Back to School 2010

Flora started kindergarten today.

I know sometimes parents talk about wanting their children to “stay little”, but I have to confess: I love that my girls are growing up. I love their independence and curiosity and outgoingness.

I’m not sad they are not little anymore. Maybe being pregnant is a part of that; maybe not. All I know is I’m excited for Flora, and I hope her love of learning and her excitement about kindergarten is sustained throughout all her school days.

4 thoughts on “Back to School 2010

    • She picked the shirt and shoes, and I helped coordinate the pants. And of course she picked her own backpack (Hello Kitty) and lunch bag. I did notice her outfit was quite bright compared to her classmates, but I’m all about colors.

  1. woohoo Big Day! 🙂

    I have to agree with you on that. I mean, some days it HITS me that wow, Maggie’s so BIG NOW. But not really in a longing-for-baby-days kind of way. I think most of it is because I’m not a huge fan of the newborn/infant stage. At least I wasn’t the first time (we’ll see if this time is any different! heh) Once she started walking and chatting, THEN I really started loving it! I’m excited for her to try new things- dance class coming up, preschool starting, she’s learning to read… that’s the stuff I love. Even if it comes with Major Attitude 😉 HA

    • Although I can’t say I’ve hated any stage (although age 3 is SERIOUSLY trying), and I can even think of good things about the newborn stage, I think I love the independence and the learning. Every thing about my “big” girls floors me right now, mostly for the good! 😉 Having a suddenly 100% dependent baby is going to be quite a shock for a while. I’m sure some days I’m going to be like, “Argh, why aren’t you ready for real food yet and how much longer do you need to take two naps a day??”

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