The girls and I have kissed and hugged and made up.

We’ve forgiven each other. I hope we’ve all learned from last night. I hope some good comes of it. Kate even apologized for calling me mean. I told her I forgave her, and I hoped she would forgive me for yelling so much and not giving hugs.

The real “test” I suppose will be bedtime. Dear Lord, help us all.

3 thoughts on “Better

  1. We are ALL rooting for you at bedtime, tonight and every night.

    Bedtime is my parenting achilles heel. I think it may be others’ as well.

    Long time lurker, this may be my first comment.

    (is that how you spell rooting?)

  2. It broke my heart a bit to read about the melt-down all three of you had. Been there, done that…wouldn’t wear the t-shirt cuz I was embarrassed. You are a great parent and you and the kids will push through. “Push and pray” I’ve heard it phrased and it seems appropriate here. Cherish the hugs and kisses today. And tonight, if they start to act up the good news is you can just give The Look (“I’m about to loooooooose it”) and they will get in line. I’m cool with my kids having a healthy fear of me. It worked for my dad!

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