Random Thoughts: The Good News Edition

My sister is getting married! That’s pretty much the big news of the weekend. There’s no ring yet as they went shopping together, and — big surprise — my sister couldn’t decide on something. So her beau is going to have to just go pick something himself and give it to her.

Also: need nickname for Dr. Sis’ finance. Suggestions welcome in the comments. Unless he doesn’t mind me using his real name.

It means that next year, we’ll be traveling to North Carolina for a wedding on the beach, which sounds pretty damn fun. Of course, we’ll be traveling with a 6-year-old, a 4-year-old, and an infant, which sounds pretty damn challenging. But, heck, it’s my little sister’s wedding!

Applications for a travel nanny will also be accepted in the comments.


Kate, my reluctant potty goer, made a huge step yesterday: She stopped what she was doing (i.e. playing outside) and went in the house to go pee. And she went by herself.

This is HUGE. It follows up on her going poop on the potty by herself while we were up at Seven Springs.

I think she’s finally getting those final vital steps. Which is good because she’s supposed to start preschool in a month.

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