The Best Time

I love Saturday and Sunday mornings, when I don’t have to get up to an alarm. If Kate has not climbed into bed with us in the middle of the night, she pads into our room at 8 or 8:30 a.m. I boost her up in bed, and we snuggle for a little bit.

She’s a little chatterbug. We put our foreheads together, and she tells me what she dreamed about and asks what we are doing for the day. She’s all rosy cheeks and dimpled smiles. She throws her arms around my neck, and sometimes her dad’s, and is perfectly content to just be.

Flora used to be a talker in the morning, too. But she has reverted to her genetics, and can barely utter a sentence in the morning before some juice and breakfast. She’s no little Miss Sunshine, the way Kate is. For now.

I look forward to these morning moments with Kate all week. For better or worse, it’s when we are at our best with each other.

What’s your favorite time of day with your kids? How do you keep it going?


The girls and I are heading up to Seven Springs for the day again tomorrow. It’s such an easy trip, and it means to much to my parents and my children. Plus, I have 164 skee ball tickets, and we’ll probably score a few more. No place else to cash those suckers in.

4 thoughts on “The Best Time

  1. Laughing at your description of Flora’s less-than-sunny mood in the morning. Laughing more that you attribute it to genetics. I remember, during a few thousand sleepovers when we were younger, that upon waking you were a joy (not!) to be around until you had a bowl of honey nut cheerios. At least you kept your morning moods contained by immediately sticking your nose in a book. It still amazes me that you never crashed into anything on your way to the kitchen 🙂

    • You think I’m bad, you should see DAN. I at least am willing to listen to Kate chatter, and answer a couple easy questions. I’m really not good until after my coffee.

      Oh, and I still stick my nose in a book in the morning when I can. What else is the Disney channel for?

  2. Skee-ball! Pure awesomeness. What lovely prizes did you come home with?? And I love morning with my kiddos, too. Though I am not a morning person and would pretty much do anything for a few more minutes of sleep, my well-rested children are their most angelic in the morning. They share, they say please, they give hugs freely. Love it.

  3. I love Addie in the morning…she is always so happy to greet the day! Aidan…I like bedtime with him. Sometimes he likes to snuggle in our bed after Addie is down for the night…his favorite phrase “we’re family on the bed!” I love reading to him at night and watching him relax into dreamland…maybe someday he’ll tell me about his dreams, too. I think he will.

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