I’m Baaaaack

I meant to try my hand at posting from my husband’s shiny new Droid X phone this past weekend plus, but I never got around to even checking into the possibility.

I was too busy relaxing, reading, playing Hawaiian rummy, lounging pool side, and going to Idlewild.

Vacation was very relaxing. I don’t say that often anymore — vacations with children are challenging — but these past few days have been lovely. I think the ratio of adults willing to take on my children to my children (6 to 2) was tipped largely in my favor. I cannot thank my sister and her current beau for, basically, occupying large acres of my children’s time.

Quite possibly I got a pass, too, for being pregnant. My mom didn’t even yell at me for reading this year. And she magically got my children to sleep on Sunday night, which took quite an intervention.

Anyhoo, updates to come, plus I’m reading some awesome and/or thought provoking books that I want to talk about. But for now, I have to run off to real life for a few hours. And figure out how to get photos off my husband’s shiny new phone to share with you.