Random Thoughts: Pregnancy Ramblings

Yesterday, I came to the realization that I was heading out this Saturday for a few days of summer “vacation” — with exactly one pair of maternity shorts.

This necessitated a last-minute shopping trip to the mall. Fortunately, my MIL and SIL were both on the compound last night, and they were more than willing to take the girls for dinner and kick me out the door.

The prices are better at JC Penny maternity — way better. I got a cute pair of khaki capris for $11.50. A comparable pair at Motherhood Maternity cost $19.99 on sale. But Motherhood Maternity has cuter stuff, so I spent a little there, too. All-in-all, the trip cost me under $100 (I got shoes, too), and I’ll be able to get through the rest of the summer (and then-some) comfortably.


I say “vacation” like that because when you vacate with your children, it’s not really 100% relaxing. I’m pretty lucky; we go with my (rather extended) family, and share a place with my parents and sister, so there are plenty of bodies around to help out. But it’s still the day-to-day parenting stuff, only in a different location. It can get tricky, especially bedtime. An especial downer this year: no drinking for me. Pros: pools, my sister’s puppies, and Idlewild. Plus: did I mention my extended family? We’re talking, oh, roughly 100 members of the clan on the weekend. It thins out during the week. To about 50 of us. It my one chance a year to catch up with everyone, and it’s totally worth it.


(TMI ahead)

What’s one thing that no one adequately warned you about when it came to pregnancy? For me: it’s the poop thing. Things seemed to be going okay this pregnancy — moving a little more slowly than usual, but okay. But last week… well, let’s just say, I don’t really like prunes, but I have rediscovered their necessity for me during pregnancy. Since Le Bud is sitting lower than I have experienced, there are some tricky yoga-like moves I have to do to, uh, unblock certain things, too. Not while I’m actually on the potty, just to clarify.

I know God is great in all things, but the whole juxtaposition of certain parts in the womanly lower anatomy could have been designed a little better, IMO.

13 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: Pregnancy Ramblings

  1. Try Miralax. No problems with the baby and it cuts down on the “traffic jam”. You can put it in any liquid you like, and it’s tasteless, odorless and easy to use.

  2. Prunes are phase one. Miralax is phase two. 😉 I sincerely hope I don’t need Phase 3: Colace. But I’m not fooling around with this.

    and, interestingly, Kate needs the Miralax, too. I really think she may need it for the rest of her life. So we have it to hand!

  3. If you have any other holes in your maternity wardrobe I found Old Navy to sometimes have cute affordable options. Go online though since even the stores that boast having a maternity section tend to have very limited options.

    Also, if you get sick of prunes, there is still a bit of cherry season left. I’ve always found cherries to be much more powerful in that department, but that’s probably because I eat cherries by the large bowlful and can usually only stomach the occasional prune.

    • hmmm. I know grapes have a similar effect too. Alternatives to prunes are good to know.

      And thanks for the tip on Old Navy. Target is pretty affordable, too. I may need one or two things for work this fall. We’ll see!

  4. I have a whole list of stuff about pregnancy that I found to be…difficult. I’ll share it sometime. When you’re not pregnant. 😉

  5. No one told me my legs were going to get fat. I realize I probably should have figured this out on my own. But I’ve always had super skinny legs and just assumed I would never carry weight there. NOT.

    Also – I have been really surprised by the amount of vaginal discharge I started “discharging” when I got pregnant. I mean, SERIOUSLY! I didn’t expect to have to wear a panty liner my whole pregnancy. (Not the same one, obviously. Yeah.)

    • You guys are cracking me up.

      I carried weight from my neck to my butt. In the third trimester, my face kind of puffs up. I don’t retain water, though, which is a blessing.

      And yeah. Combine that lovely discharge (forget what it’s called) and summer time and… you go through a lot of underwear.

  6. OMG YES. The POOP THING. I had absolutely zero problems from beginning to end with Maggie, but this time… wooboy. It eased up in the 2nd trimester, but a few times recently there have been… issues. gah.

    Pregnancy is hawt.

  7. Really looking forward to seeing you in a few days!! We can catch up poolside. Scott will watch the kids so we can chat. *wink*

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