It’s A…

…boy. (That is not actually Le Bud’s peep. Due to lack of smart phones at this point, I have to resort to old-fashion technology like scanning. Haven’t gotten around to that yet. Source.)

I confess to being a little giddy.

Number 1: I was right.

Number 2: As Dan put it, the prospect of raising a boy is exciting. Not that raising two girls has been a cookie-cutter experience in the least. But, I don’t know, something about having a son is exciting for us. (And around the blog-o-sphere, parents of boys roll their eyes and think, “You don’t know what you’re in for, RPM.”)*

Number 3: Le Bud is looking good. I swear the doctor nearly skipped into the room to declare, “Your baby looks fantastic.” He is measuring well, and all the requisite parts are healthy. After some of the fun we’ve had with ultrasounds in the past, this was all very good news. Plus it took under an hour, which is pretty impressive.

Big sigh of relief. And continued deep breathing and prayers all around!

*Yes, I know, another boy, another son. Only let’s focus on us getting to raise him this time around. This may be part of my giddiness: Hope.

27 thoughts on “It’s A…

  1. Congratulations! Glad everything is going well and looks good. And you were right! ๐Ÿ™‚ We have a girl & a boy, and while he only just turned one year old, I think I can see that he interacts with the world a bit differently than his sister. (Although, as I only have two kids, that could just be sibling differences at this point, but I think I see a difference in his basic methods of taking in the world that seem to be more gender oriented. Eh, who knows?)

    • Of course, every child is different. But I have seen all five of my nephews (I only have one niece) grow up, and boys simply do approach the world differently. There is a basic interaction there that is just different in girls and boys. Not worse, not better: just different. It’ll be fascinating to watch close up.

  2. Boys are wonderful. As are girls. Until teen angst hits. Then there both miserable in their own special way.

  3. CONGRATS!!!! We have three boys and as much as I long for the Barbies and braided hair it’s great having the boys. Each are special in their own way and I’ll just say this…. when changing him make sure the parts are always covered or you may end up with a face full of something you don’t want!!


    • We don’t even have Barbies (yet ‹ we’re still at the littlest pet shop stage) and I can’t braid worth a dang.

      And, believe you me, I was peed and pooped on by my girls. Although, they didn’t have much distance!

      As I always say, “It’ll be an adventure!”

  4. I’m so happy that he is healthy and doing well – That must give you some relief. The girls will love having a baby brother! I didn’t get my vote in, but I was sure you were having a boy…

    • Thank you ‹ really, the only news that matters is that the baby is healthy and doing well. We’ll be returning in a few weeks to start some closer monitoring, but so far, so good. It is a big relief. And, yes, I think the girls will love having a brother too. And I hope the feeling will be mutual!

  5. Congrats RPM! I’m thrilled for you!

    Hope the girls don’t give him too hard a time… he could be a valuable protector for them one day.

    Now what if you actually name him “Bud”?

    (Oooh! Perhaps he can get a lifetime discount on Anheuser Busch products.)

    • I don’t think we’re redneck enough for Bud. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      And I think part of my husband’s relief is the fact that now he will have a partner and another set of eyes on his girls!

  6. Congratulations! I’m glad things are looking good, and who doesn’t like a little variety? I love my boy, but he is an adventure. There isn’t much sitting down in my life, but I know friends with boys who just sit and play. I also know some girls are runners/climbers/destroyers, too. Every kid is going to be a unique experience regardless of gender. No eye rolling here. But you may want to start locking everything down, just in case. FYI- masking tape is good for putting remote controls back together.

    • Believe you me, Kate keeps me a’hopping! Every child is different (as I said before). Flora and Kate could not have been more different ‹ flora is definitely quieter, more able to sit still. Kate likes to be in motion at all times! I’m sure Le Bud will have his own personality not wholly based on his boyhood ‹ but it’ll probably be an influencer!

  7. I’m so happy for you! Mostly because he’s healthy! But I bet Dan will be so excited to get more numbers on his side :). I can’t wait to meet him-But he better stay in his warm human incubator long enough to be healthy! Yippie!!

    • Thanks, and yes, the fact that he is healthy and growing well is really all that matters. Dan & I would have been just as happy to hear that about a girl. I am looking forward to introducing him to all the other burgh babies! He’s going to have quite a posse.

  8. Don’t let anyone tell you that having a boy is easier than having a girl or visa-versa. Because it’s all tough! You know! But congrats on having a boy! I have a 2 1/2 year old girl, a 14 month old boy and I’m due in February with *hopefully* not puppies.


  9. Hooray for blue (or pink, if he happens to like pink)! But even better, hooray for healthy! I’m so happy for you, friend, and will continue to send positive thoughts your (and Le Bud’s) way.

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