Week 20: 50/50

Technically speaking, I am halfway through this pregnancy. In reality, I probably have about 18 weeks left (before inducing).

When I say it like that, “18 weeks”, it sounds like a terribly short time. At the same time, though, this pregnancy, for various and sundry reasons, seems to be taking forever. I’m so glad to finally be at 20 weeks. Now that I can feel Le Bud move more, it’s a little less anxiety producing. Also: dreams help. And emails from my mom.

Tomorrow we are going to get the Level II ultrasound. I’m actually pretty excited, primarily because we will be finding out how outnumbered Dan is going to be (as long as Le Bud cooperates).

Now before I tell you my guess, I want to make something abundantly clear: I don’t care if this baby is a boy or girl. As long as Bud comes into this world safe and sound, with 10 fingers and 10 toes, and is strong and healthy (does that sound like I’m asking a lot?), I could care less what is between his/her legs.

As my MIL put it succinctly last night: “Girls scream and boys break things.” In other words, both sexes have their, oh, let’s call them downsides.

Okay? Okay.

I think I’m having a boy.

I knew Gabriel was a boy. I knew Flora was a girl. With Kate, I did not know, and I attribute that to not being 100% sure when she was conceived, plus her being a bit of a surprise/unplanned, plus not being sure what my heart wanted her to be (does that make sense? In other words: Gabriel was a boy, but he didn’t make it; Flora was a girl and she did.)

But since the + pregnancy test, I have felt sure that Le Bud is a boy. I don’t have a thing on which to base that feeling. Unless you count timing (I can tell you when Bud was conceived, and I was, um, having a lot of fertile fluid at the time) and little indications like: When I was pregnant with Gabriel, I had horrible breakouts, especially in the first trimester. The only thing that worked was Noxema. Same thing this time around.

I could, of course, be completely off base. I have a 50/50 chance of being wrong. Dan has done nothing but pick girls’ names this time around, and I don’t like a one of them. I can’t seem to find a girl name I like right now. Which would be a clear indicator that I am having a girl. (Crazy pregnancy reasoning: I haz it!)

Flora thinks Bud is a boy; Kate thinks Bud is a girl. Someone’s going to be disappointed.

But, given all the conditions I’ve listed above, it’s not going to be me.

12 thoughts on “Week 20: 50/50

  1. I’m going to bet girl, just because of the track records of the other expecting Burgh Moms, but my gut says boy. Bet against my gut? Yep. It tends to be wrong.

    • That’s so funny, because it wasn’t until after I posted that I started thinking the exact same thing. To date, only @jayesel’s bebe is confirmed a girl, right? So, if you were playing those odds, I would guess girl, too. However, I’m sticking with my gut, and ready to be wrong, too.

    • That could be my dubbing of the baby as Le Bud — which was 100% not calculated. It just slipped off my fingers. Doesn’t Le in French signify male? My high school French lessons are far behind me, but I think that’s right.

      So far, the votes are 50/50, too!

  2. I’m going to go with Mama’s intuition here and say boy. I figure that’s more right than not (even though, I thought boy this time and we’re having a girl! but whatever. ha) So exciting!!! Can’t wait to hear the news tomorrow, hope that little baby cooperates!

  3. I am just glad to hear that you aren’t basing your guess based on results of a Draino test done in, oh let’s say, the parking lot of your employer.

    Yeah, I did that with Ella. Were you there for that?

    I am excited for you, D and the girls either way.

    • Oh my dear lord. What is the Draino test? Wait, do I want to know? I don’t recall hearing that story or being there for that.

      My guess: Pure gut feeling (no pun intended).

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