Unforgettable (Not so Much)

So I mentioned that my kids’ daycare has cool and fun summer programs for my kids: “school” for Kate, getting the 3s ready for the grueling discipline of pre-school; sprinkler day; and field trips for Flora (miniature golf, bowling, trips to the library).

Now if I could just remember when those things were actually occurring, it would be incredibly helpful to everyone.

I completely spaced on the field trip Flora was supposed to go on yesterday to the Children’s Museum. Fortunately, according to the dayschool’s records, she was paid up, so she got to go. Unfortunately, the car seat that Dan was supposed to bring to the school was in my trunk; I hadn’t packed a disposable lunch (I’m not wholly sure what this was supposed to be anyway); and I don’t know what color shirt Flora was wearing (she was supposed to be color coordinated with the other kids so they could keep the group together).

She went anyway.

For some reason I had it in my head that the field trip was July 25 — which if I had looked at a calendar, I would have realized was a Sunday. So maybe I would have double-checked that. I’m still not sure how the trip got paid for, frankly. Dan probably had my back on that one (thanks, babe).

Today is Sprinkler Day, which my girls love. Love, love, love. Who doesn’t love running through a sprinkler and splashing in a wading pool on a hot summer’s day?

But I didn’t remember yesterday that today was sprinkler day. I failed to lay out their suits, forgot their swim shoes (which are really a pair a flip-flops for Flora and crocs for Kate), and did not pack a bag with towels, plus a change of clothes and shoes.

So, no sprinkler day for my kids today.

I do feel bad about spacing on it. And (despite this post) I’m not beating myself up about it. It just occurs to me that I know, sooner or later, kids realize their parents aren’t perfect and that we make mistakes and forget things, too.

I just didn’t realize that “sooner” for Kate and Flora was going to be “now”.

How do you keep track of your kids’ events? Big wall calendars? Google calendar? Do you have the sufficient brain power to keep this all in your head? Do I need more ginko biloba? This is only just begun, and it’s not looking good for my children. HALP!

12 thoughts on “Unforgettable (Not so Much)

  1. For us, a written calendar hung on the wall. We’ve gotten in the habit of checking it daily, though that is tough in itself. That’s the only thing that worked for us; you just have to really get into the habit of checking it so that you just do it by routine/nature and don’t forget to check just because you’re tired (who isn’t, that has kids?) or in a rush (um…who isn’t, that has kids? Heh!)

    Good luck with it all! It’s never easy, but we can only do the best we can.

    (We DO have digital calendars on a server I run, and although I have them linked up to Thunderbird (my e-mail client), which I have open all day, every business day, I still tend to rely on the written calendar more. I think because it is “just there” in the morning, in the kitchen, without needing to check a computer at all – who has time for that in the mornings???)

    • Yep. Dan said today that he is going to go buy a huge wall calendar today so this stops happening to us. He added, “Maybe I should just paint one on the wall.” I mentioned Google calendar, and he was skeptical. As you say, who has time to check a computer before running out the door?

  2. We have a written calendar in our laundry room, right next to the garage door (which is the one we typically leave through). There are many, many times when I forget to update it, though. We also both have smart phones that we put information into (android for him, blackberry for me), though things usually end up with me reminding him a hundred times of something.

    Good luck with figuring this all out. Because of opposite work schedules, we were in the habit of doing this before the kids came along, which has helped since the first one was born and the second is on his way.

    • Yeah, we are working on the electronic calendar thing. We’re eligible to upgrade to smart phones, but the finances aren’t quite there yet. I think it will help with OUR schedules, and then we can work out the kids stuff.

  3. Oh RPM, I could write a book about forgetting forms, schedules, field trips, and daycare plans and it would be a sad tale. I have gotten better…and I still forget things all the time. My current screw up is a BIG one…missing the deadline for my little one’s after-school daycare sign up. I feel like I failed my kids when I forget these things! I think I originally took on schedule-keeping out of pure gender bias – I’m the mom. And yet organization has never been a strong point for me. So can you say “set up for failure”? What has helped is getting Scott more involved; he is VERY organized, after all. But what has truly helped is the kids becoming more self-sufficient. That just comes with time and maturity. And the kids realizing that ‘Mom isn’t going to remember my water-shoes and bathing suit so I’d better’! Maybe you can share with me how you shake off some of the guilt and don’t beat yourself up about it. I need to learn that.

    • Unfortunately, of the two of us, I am the more organized. Dan is pretty close to hopeless in that area. We’ve both accepted that!

      I also think that having self-sufficient kids and, soon, one who can read the calendar herself will help us a lot.

      As far as shaking off the guilt: it’s a trick I learned from my dad. (I know.) But once he realized what he had control over and what he didn’t, he mellowed out quite a bit. I felt bad for forgetting, but it was (is) no use beating myself up about it. If I had been in a position to bring them what they needed, I would have. But I wasn’t, so I gave it up.

      And I’ll do better in the future.

      *hugs* to you!

  4. My husband swears on his phone …He sets stuff up to remind him the night before and the morning of. I on the underhand am a procrastinator. I have a calender that I hardly write on and a day planner in my purse that is holding a bunch of papers. I really don’t know how we even function here. LOL

  5. I suck – SUCK! at remembering stuff. I am constantly forgetting about the kids things. I have now started putting every single thing in my phone’s calendar and setting alarms well in advance to remind me. Because I suck. Of course, that didn’t help us on Sunday when we were relaxing (after getting home for vacation late the night before) and suddenly got a phone call at 9:30 am asking if the boy needed a ride. WTF??? It seems we thought that scout camp was THIS Sunday and not last Sunday and we had one hour to get him packed and ready. So the caveat about the calendar is that if you don’t put the info in CORRECTLY, you;re still going to suck.

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