A Completely Unsolicited Review: She’s Out of My League

Dan and I watched this at home the other night, and we laughed our asses off.

I picked it primarily because it was filmed in Pittsburgh. I had also read pretty positive reviews of it. I believe one critic billed it as “a love letter to Pittsburgh.”

She’s Out of My League is about four friends who work at the Pittsburgh International Airport. Kirk, played by Jay Baruchel, attracts the attention of a “hard 10” when he saves her from being hassled at airport security, and then finds her iPhone. Neither Kirk, nor his friends and family, can believe it when Molly (Alice Eve) seems to want to date him.

Not only is it a perfectly hilarious movie, it perfectly captures Pittsburgh. For example, the character Stainer (T. J. Miller) has curly blonde hair — only it’s not cool California surfer curly, or hipster NYC curly. I said to Dan, “No one in LA or New York would have hair like that. That is Pittsburgh hair.” So true. Oh, and he’s in a Hall & Oates cover band, a bad one if that’s not redundant.

One of my friends protested that they portrayed Brillobox, a bar in Lawrenceville, as a big nightclub, but my thought was that if that was the harshest criticism he had, then it’s a pretty good movie. Kirk and Molly go to a Pens’ game, enjoy the view from Mt. Washington, dine outdoors in Market Square (can you do that?), and otherwise enjoy Kirk’s hometown (he bills himself as “Pittsburgh born and bred”). Molly, who is, indeed, hot, travels a lot (she’s a party planner who hops to New York City pretty often) and has recently ended a relationship with a guy (Cam, played by Geoff Stults) who’s as pretty as she is.

What I especially liked about the movie was that it wasn’t [just] about boys behaving badly. (I’m looking at you, Judd Apatow.) It captures the adult male camaraderie between four childhood friends without resorting to low-brow bathroom humor (although there is some of that, too), insulting women, or bashing gays. I have enjoyed my share of Apatow movies (hello, 40-Year-Old Virgin), but sometimes the bromance flicks go overboard, especially when it comes to potty humor. Please, I have toddlers at home. I get potty humor with my Saturday coffee.

The movie is extremely funny with sweet touches in the right places. And I don’t recall a film in which Pittsburgh looked prettier.

7 thoughts on “A Completely Unsolicited Review: She’s Out of My League

  1. On Saturday night myself and another Pittsburgh ex-pat revisited Flashdance. (At least in our market it’s currently available on demand in a movie collection called “Totally 80s.”) The story itself was just as cheesy and absurd as I remembered. The dance routines were crazy and over the top. What I had forgotten was how much it shows the city. Sweeping scenes of Alex riding her bike show the skyline, various neighborhoods, and the incline.

    Of course, the Pittsburgh in Flashdance is a different Pittsburgh. The Mellon Bank Building is simply scaffolding in an opening skyline shot, and the Carnegie Museum of Natural History (whose exterior features prominently as the fictitious home of the equally fictious Pittsburgh Dance Rep Company) is a dark gray due to the soot not having been cleaned off at that point.

    If you can find some low-brow enjoyment in cheesy dialogue, a shaky plot, and an implausibly avant garde “strip” club, Flashdance is fun Pittsburgh homage! It’s even got Don Brockett!

    (Tangentially Related Fact: I actually knew a girl in Pittsburgh who worked for a while as a welder and a stripper. I had to bind her boobs for a play, so she could play a boy who had a crush on me. Theater is weird.)

  2. Did you detect any Pittsburgh accents? I bet not.

    I hate when they try to make it all authentically Pittsburgh, but can’t even throw in a token yinzer accent. SOMEONE has to sound like they’re from around there!

    When they set a movie in Boston, everyone sounds like Kennedys. They set a movie in NYC, they sound like DeNiro. Set a movie in the south and everyone drawls their butt off. But Pittsburgh?? Nothing…

    Sorry, that’s just a pet peeve of mine. If I’m wrong, I humbly apologize in advance. I’ll try to catch the movie when I see it on TV or HBO or something.

    • Wait, did you see the movie yet? The brother and his wife and the ex-girlfriend are TOTALLY yinzers, and the word “josh” is in the dialogue. Twice. A “jagoff” would have ruled, though.

      • No, I haven’t seen it, but plan to, especially after you said they went to the trouble to place a couple of yinzers in the mix.

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