Random Thoughts: Old Business

Kate & Poop: The switch in Kate’s head that tells her to stop what she is doing and go to the bathroom isn’t working. If taken to the potty, she will go; she’s still occasionally reluctant about pooping; and if left to her own devices, she will simply keep playing until she has pooped her pants.

She says she doesn’t like to be alone in the bathroom, but I tell her to come get me (or one of her daycare aides) and I will go with her.

I’ve stopped getting mad about it because there’s no point.

I don’t know when that switch is going to flip, and I don’t know how to flip it for her.


I declared my intention, a couple of months ago, to walk for autism.

And then I found out I was pregnant.

I am going to bail this year on doing this walk. I feel like I’m letting a friend of mine down, but I also know she would be among the first to let me off the hook, tell me to take it easy and take care of myself.

(In the meantime, if you want to walk, or just want more information, here’s the link.)

It’s going on the calendar for next year, and I hope that other Pittsburgh bloggers will join me!


I got such a great night of sleep this weekend, Saturday to Sunday. I can’t remember the last time I was so well rested.

Not today, that’s for sure.


Dan had a wonderful Father’s Day. We didn’t do much (putzed around the house, ran some errands, had dinner at his sister’s). On the way home, he reached over to take my hand and said, “I had a wonderful Father’s Day. And it’s all your fault.”

I hope everyone’s else day was as good.