I have 2000 loads of laundry to do. My older daughter is completely out of pajamas. She wore a pair of shorts and a t-shirt to bed last night.

My dishwasher is still broken — rather: we haven’t gathered our resources to purchase a new dishwasher yet, and thus there are always dirty dishes in my sink.

And I don’t know if it’s pregnancy-nose or if something actually climbed down my garbage disposal and died.

I have cooked fresh food from scratch about three times in the past six weeks.

Once I hit that couch after work, it’s hard to not immediately lay down and fall asleep. As a matter of fact, last night I did just that (after feeding my children), and as a result, Flora ate three Simply Fruit rollups, and Kate demolished the living room.

If I don’t fall asleep after dinner, I am not long for the conscious world after the children are in their bedroom. Note: I usually fall asleep (on the couch) before the children. If and when they figure this out, we are in big trouble. Gotta start hiding the remotes. And the rollups, apparently.

When I do go up to bed, I sleep in the guest room. Our bedroom is a repository for clothing, both clean and dirty, and that’s about it. Clothes and dust.

It’s a good thing I pay most of my bills online, because I never — and I mean never — go through my mail. It just piles up and up and up until I start throwing it out (junk) and/or shred it (paid bills and credit card offers).

Last week, I forgot to pack a lunch for Kate.

I haven’t gone grocery shopping in three weeks. I did however make a list. And emailed it to Dan.

I lost the stamps.

My children and I have not gotten much in the way of fresh air lately in the evenings. Thank goodness they usually have outside time at daycare, and Flora has soccer. Of course, I would like to order up some nice weekend weather for a change instead of having to haul a fleece blanket for Kate and me to huddle under on Saturday at Flora’s games.

I will be in my second trimester in two to four weeks. It’ll get better then.