Lost: The Candidate


I cried like a baby from the point that Sayid ran to the other end of the sub with the bomb until Not-Locke headed back to the jungle all like, “I gotta finish what I started.” Sobbed. My husband was a little alarmed.

But, hey, I did NOT fall asleep in the middle. That’s important.

I’m glad for the Sideways world now. When I saw Jin walking down the hall with that huge bouquet of flowers for Sun, while I leaked more tears, I also was comforted by the thought that at least in the Sideways timeline Jin and Sun could be together and be a family.

Otherwise, that Sideways timeline seemed awfully thin, didn’t it? The interactions between Locke and Jack seemed like trigger points for a sudden flash to what was really going on.

1. IMHO, Sayid’s sacrifice = redemption. I will forever miss his black tank top. I hope he comes back to chat with Hurley. And SMILES, for goodness sake. I didn’t like zombie Sayid. But boy, he got knocked off awfully fast for a main character. That’s why I think we’re going to see more of him, either talking with Hurley on the Island or in the Sideways world.

2. Kate: Not a candidate. Got shot (finally) last night. Look, I make no bones about not liking Kate. I’ve found her nearly unbelievably annoying since, like, Season 3. But if she’s still around, there’s got to be a reason. Ditto crazy Claire. I think Claire is headed for some kind of redemption, too, some betrayal of Not-Locke on the Island. Just a thought.

3. RIP Frank Lapidus, or as Dan will always refer to you, Frank the Penis. I liked you a lot (except for that stupid line they gave you in “The Last Recruit”), and I will miss you, your grizzled face and your faintly puzzled baby blues. I know we don’t know conclusively that you’re dead in the Island timeline, although it’s hard to believe you got knocked out by that door and somehow managed to float out of the submarine. Now, I will be curious as to how you will show up in the Sideways timeline. Were you flying Oceanic Flight 815 this time around?

4. Hurley breaking down on the beach really put me over the edge. For as much as his character is played for laughs, he is the heart of LOST, and seeing him break like that was heart-breaking. And I know that’s all terribly redundant, but I’m pregnant and sleep-deprived, and that’s what I got.

5. I posited yesterday on Twitter that Locke — sideways Locke — could somehow be The Candidate. I mean, it looks very much like Jack — Island Jack — is, but I’m just trying to think of last-minute twists that the writers are going to throw at us. I liked that they threw that word, candidate, at us in the opening scene. “You’re a candidate,” Jack says to Locke as he comes out of anesthesia. Locke scoffs. “No thanks,” he basically replies. I haven’t completely abandoned this theory. How would Sideways Locke accepting his destiny as a candidate in the Sideways world screw with Not Locke? That’s what I wonder.

Things are moving fast, which after six seasons, I really appreciate. I think they are doing a lot more showing than telling, and every thing’s going to mean something over the next five and a half hours.

Stayed tuned. (Like I have to tell you that.)

Updated to add: I think Jack was right, and that the bomb would not have gone off if Sawyer hadn’t screwed with it. MiB/Not Locke cannot kill the candidates. He was counting on one of them to play the hero (or, in the case of Sawyer, try to save his own hide).

6 thoughts on “Lost: The Candidate

  1. I am intensely bothered by Jin’s choice to stay with Sun rather than save himself since that means their daughter has lost both parents, not just one. And yes, I know that she never knew her father and all that, but still. Had I been Sun there wouldn’t have been that sorrowful acceptance, there would have been absolute rage that he was abandoning our child.

    • A lot of people were bothered by this, and I was too to some extent. But I knew there was no way he would leave. And one of the things I thought about was that even if he managed to get out of the sub, there was no guarantee he was actually getting home to his daughter. MiB/Not Locke really has it in for these candidates.

  2. I couldn’t come see what you had to say here until today. Lost was on opposite the Pens game on Tuesday, so I had to rely on the DVR and watched last night. Good thing too… it would have totatlly taken the glow off the Pens’ win.

    I can’t fault Jin for not leaving his wife to die alone. I don’t see how he’d be able to live with himself.

    • That was Doc Jensen’s point too, that had Jin left Sun (and made it home) neither he nor his daughter would ultimately be happy with the decision.

      Yeah, Lost wins over the Pens for me — it’s my only show!

  3. I am bracing for an unhappy ending. How could anything positive come out of it.

    The prolonged drowning scenes completely wreck me. I didn’t even LIKE Charlie, but I bawled like a baby when he did. Ditto for Sun and Jin

    And for God’s sake, would someone give Claire a damn brush?

    • Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. We’re pretty much going to lose everyone except the candidate… unless he manages to replace Jacob and send everyone away. Desmond is our wild card there, I think.

      I loved Charlie, and I cried worse when he died. But this episode was a hell of a heartbreaker.

      And, I’m with you on Claire. I mean, Evageline Lilly manages to have lovely hair. What the hell, Claire?

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