I’m Pregnant

Whew. It’s good to get that off my chest. I’ve been sitting on it (so to speak) for about a month now. I’m about 8 weeks along.

I took the pee test the week after Easter, and sure enough, got a big pink + sign. Twice.

I’ve been struggling with posting lately (and covering with videos and pictures) because this fact has been blinking on and off in my head like a giant neon sign. I mean, nothing else (well, except Kate turning the corner on the whole potty-training thing) has been quite so central as of late. (Kate and the potty thing are a distant second, although pretty vital to the state of my oh-so-delicate stomach.)

For those of you keeping score: Wilco was Bud’s first show (oh, that’s what we’re calling the baby for now, Bud). And Dan drank most of that beer.

The girls are excited β€” a little too excited. They ask every single day when the baby is coming. For the record, we’re looking at an early December due date. Given my end-of-term issues, in my head I’ve moved that up to the week of Thanksgiving or so. I’ve told the girls “after Flora’s birthday, but before Christmas.”

They cannot wait that long. Just the other morning, Kate woke up, came into our room and asked, “Is the baby downstairs?”

It’s gonna be a long 30 weeks.

43 thoughts on “I’m Pregnant

  1. Jeebus, there really us something in the water.

    Best news I have had in ages and you just made this Monday so so so much brighter.

    I think this calls for a playdate, one where you sit on the sofa with your feet up while my kids wear out your kids.

  2. Aw, thanks everyone. I really appreciate the congratulations. Now, send good thoughts and prayers.

    @beth: I hope you’re still in babysitting mode when this one comes along. I don’t know where I’m going to find someone to watch THREE of them.

    @clumberkim: that sounds like the best playdate EVER.

  3. Congratulations! Is this one your first foray into the realm of “advanced maternal age?” Try not to punch any medical person who uses that term. You might need them later.

  4. Oh, and I like how you are keeping track of Bud’s first show. We did the same thing. Ours was the Public Enemy “It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back” anniversary concert. Theoretically he couldn’t hear yet, but he must’ve felt the bass. (“Bass! How low can you go?…)

  5. Congratulations!! And thank you for giving me lots of notice. Given the slow progress of my hand surgery, I will need all 6 months to make the next quilt. Let me know if you decide on a ‘theme’ (no, Dan, not Steelers, Penguins or Pirates). I will keep you in my prayers, and hope you have an uneventful pregnancy.

    I’m the youngest of 7 and have 40 nieces and nephews, and am working on the greats now. Too bad I’m too far away to babysit. I’m always up to hosting summer vacations, though!

  6. Wow, so happy for you!! Now, the big question is, will Bud come out wielding the Chicago Manual of Style or the Associated Press Stylebook??

  7. Yay for RPM and family! would it help the girls to look pictures of fetal development…to help them understand why they are waiting so long for the baby? or do you think it would freak them out? You know Flora is going to have LOTS more questions about Lady Business! πŸ™‚

    Happy Mother’s Day, RPM…and congrats!

    • I hope to take them to the ultrasound, and if not, will show them pictures when it’s time. I didn’t want to get too crazy about it, but maybe we’ll check out what the library has in the kids’ section. They are SUPER psyched.

      Flora mentioned that babies come out of lady business to my niece (4yo) who was OUTRAGED at such an idea. “Well,” she said haughtily (I love my Niece to bits, but she’s got haughty down cold), “I came from my mommy’s belly.” In all sincerity, Flora said, “You started in your mom’s belly, but you got down to her business. Honest!” I just turned to my BIL IL and said, “I’m so sorry about that.”

      And thanks. πŸ™‚

  8. WOO HOO!!!! Congratulations, my sweet! This is very good news, indeed!

    We all wait with bated breath for the birth of your little darling.


  9. […] cannot thank you all enough for the kind words and congratulations on yesterday’s post (and at Twitter). All I ask now is that you pray for us and a successful outcome to this pregnancy. […]

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