Random Thoughts: Updates

I’m terribly remiss in not mentioning this until now: Last Saturday the girls and I had a lovely time at ClumberKim‘s house for a Disney party. The food was excellent; the company even better; and she collected a few DVDs for Make Room for Kids. All-in-all a pleasant night with other bloggers/Tweeps. It’s really nice to go over to another parents’ house where all the kids get along and hang out with minimum input from us adults. Oh, and the cupcakes were adorable AND delicious.


Kate is diaper-free. Diaper-free is not quite the same as potty-trained. She still needs to be prompted to go to the potty, but we have been accident-free since Monday. Knock on wood.


Flora got another ear infection. ARGH! She suffered over the weekend, and we got her to the doctor’s as soon as we could on Monday. She’s on augmentin (which would not have been my first choice of antibiotic; Dan took her, bless him). Let’s just say, I’ve also been making sure she gets some yogurt every day.


I don’t know if Flora had any kind of virus to go with that ear infection, but something wiped Dan and me out on Wednesday. It was wicked; I thought on Tuesday we were just suffering from some bad allergies. But by Wednesday morning, between the aches and fevers, I knew it was a little more serious. Yay us.


Regardless, we’re off to the woods this weekend, so I hope we all continue to recoup well. Dan and I will be trading off nap-time and POD-time. The weather is supposed to be great again this year, too! We’re a smaller group because of the marathon, but I expect much fun will still be had.


Flora has a loose tooth! She could not be more excited! Or concerned (about eating). I can’t believe it. Plus, she can almost whistle. Where’s my baby?

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