March for Maddie, 2010

I’ve been trying to find a moving or creative way into this post, and I’m coming up way short. It’s been… something around here lately.

Sometimes babies are born too early. Babies born too early are extremely vulnerable to any number of seemingly harmless childhood sicknesses. A simple cold can be devastating, as Heather and Mike Spohr discovered on April 7 of last year.

Which is all to say: On Sunday, May 23, I will be walking for the March of Dimes, with the same terrific bunch of ‘Burghers that I walked with last year (and more!).

Please consider donating to the March of Dimes in my name. Here is my personal page at the March of Dimes site; from there you can go to the Pittsburgh team page, and see all the fabulous people with whom I’m walking.

And, if you want to donate to MoD and be in the running for fabulous prizes, you can go check out Gina’s site, and throw her a few bucks too! (I did!)

Maddie Spohr, November 11, 2007–April 7, 2009