Lost: The Last Recruit


I had a lot of “I don’t believe that” moments last night. Not actual disbelief like, “Wow! That’s unbelievable!” It was more about simply thinking that characters were lying.

1. Claire telling Jack that he was on the MiB’s side now — since he let MiB talk to him. I just don’t think it’s that simple. Now, Jack jumping off the boat and swimming to shore — that was worrying, especially given the title of the episode, and the very end of the show.

2. Sayid telling MiB that he did what MiB told him to do. I don’t think he killed Desmond. I think we would have seen that. I think there is enough of a vestige of old Sayid — the Sayid that wants actual redemption — that he fought off the MiB’s temptation.

3. Jack = the new Jacob.

4. I told my husband last week that everyone was going to end up at the hospital with Jack. So far, I’m right on. Now we just need Kate, Sawyer, and Sayid to get there. Oh, and Claire I guess.

And then Desmond will show up and show them the way.

5. I am glad the Jin/Sun reunion finally happened. Now, characters on this show should know better to say stuff like, “We’ll never be apart again,” but, hey, here’s hoping. And Lapidus’ line about Sun finding her voice was LAME.

6. A final question: Why is everyone so convinced that Juliet is Jack’s ex/David’s mom? I know that Doc Jensen floated that theory after the last Jack-centric episode. Do you take the complete non-reveal of her identity of proof? I think a more compelling argument is that Jack said to Sawyer on the boat: “I’m sorry I killed Juliet.” As the worlds are drawing closer together, I think Jack may have been referencing a deeper/more Sideways knowledge. I’m not convinced that Juliet is going to show up for this final season, and not just because Elizabeth Mitchell is on V.

One thought on “Lost: The Last Recruit

  1. I don’t think Sayid killed Desmond either. No way they would omit that scene, even to show it later. There’s more to it.

    Glad to see Jin and Sun back together.

    V or not, I’m sure they could get Elizabeth Mitchell back for a scene or two if they needed her. Besides, V is doubtful to be picked up.

    I could believe that Jack could be the new Jacob.

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