2 thoughts on “Tanks So Much

  1. Wow, that really takes me back. I used to keep aquariums (aquaria?) when I was in junior high school. I spent every last cent of my allowance money on new fish or aquarium gear. It got so that the ladies that worked at the pet store used to let me scoop out my own fish.

    I could sit there and watch the fish for hours… I was especially fond of the live-bearers, like guppies, mollies, platies and swordtails. Had me some tiger barbs too. The angelfish were always cool to watch too.

    Your girls should enjoy the experience, if you can keep them from plunging in…

    • The girls have been very well-behaved around the tank. Flora did give us a brief heart attack on Sunday morning when she walked into our bedroom and announced, “I cleaned the fish tank for you.” But she just wiped the outside down with a towel.

      The girls are loving it. They help daddy feed the fish in the mornings; they go into the dining room to say good morning and good night to the fish every day. It’s a great project for the three of them. It’s our new reward system, too. When they are good (i.e. they listen), they can get more fish. So far, they’ve each earned one more fish. Daddy will have to take them shopping this week!

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