4 thoughts on “But She is Damn Cute

  1. LOVE the video!! Very nice interview! I hope Flora does have fun at soccer. She mentioned that she plays when we played on Good Friday, but she didn’t say she was on a team NOW. Email me the schedule and I will try to come and watch a game!

    • You’re such a sweetie. All the games are on Saturdays; I will send you the schedule. They range from 8:30 in the a.m. (which UGH) to 12:15 p.m. It’s funny to watch “herd ball”, but the kids seem to like running around.

      Oh, and the team’s name is the Racers.

  2. So fun to meet your Flora and Kate (you know, “in person” instead of “in words,” though I do love your tales). I take it this was before the numerous port-a-potty excursions??

    • Let’s see, this was the first game, so the port-o-potty had already been introduced via the first practice. On this day, yeah, she went about 3 times before her accident on the playground.

      At last night’s practice, she treated it like a flippin’ playhouse. She must have been in and out of that thing five times, claiming she had to pee. At least she knows how to reach the hand sanitizer, because after trip two or three she was on her own.

      And thanks! They are sweethearts (when they aren’t trying my every nerve). 🙂

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