Me Time FAIL

So after all that crap about being out of time at work and in the hole and yadda yadda yadda, about a week ago I discovered I had nine hours of vacation time to use by today or lose.

I was pretty stoked. I mean, I haven’t had nine hours of time to burn in a long time. I thought I would schedule myself a pedicure, do some shopping for myself. I wasn’t going to clean or do laundry.

The place I used to get my pedicures doesn’t do them anymore. Plus, it’s cold today in Pittsburgh (*shakes fist at Mother Nature*), so flip-flops are not appealing.

And I had to deal with some messes at home. I mean, those dishes aren’t going to clean themselves — and neither is my dishwasher since it’s broken. Plus, I really had to put a (teeny-tiny) dent in the ever-present office mess.

Eventually, I went out to lunch (Chipotle FTW!). And I wandered through a couple of stores, but frankly I didn’t feel like shopping. For clothes, anyway; I did end up with two pairs of shoes and some make-up. And now I’m back home waiting for laundry to come out of the dryer. In about 40 minutes I go pick up the girls.

I’m clearly doing something wrong.

I DID get to spend some fun time on Twitter for a change. Although I still haven’t discovered who-all is knocked up. (I have, however, heard from plenty of people who are NOT.)

I guess I’ll have to try some other time for me time. It’s a shame that I squandered today. But the arts-&-crafts drawer is neat now — we can even close it; and my kitchen is clean (until dinner time). And I folded some laundry.

Me-time may have been a loss, but I think the house won.

9 thoughts on “Me Time FAIL

  1. I love it when those vacation things happen. Last month I had to use a floating holiday, gained for MLK Day, or else I’d lose it. I’d forgotten to preplan a day so all of a sudden, like you I have to take a day ASAP or lose it.

    It’s kind of like “found money”. A day to blow… except without kids or a household, I got to sleep late, mess around on the computer and watch TV. Whoooooooooo!

  2. That sounds like me on my short summer Fridays – I always have big plans to go to movies or something and I end up cleaning or doing something for the kids. I am definitely doing it wrong.

  3. The house always wins, haven’t you heard? LOL. That actually happened to me yesterday. I ended up riding around the city for 2 hrs because I couldn’t really decide what I wanted to do. So, riding aimlessly around, I realized it just wasn’t meant for me to do anything but veg out. And I did. And all was good. 🙂

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