Losing Lost

Confession time.

No, I didn’t stop watching. Hells, no.

No, I didn’t stop doing my Lost homework.

And, no, I don’t think this season, or the last two episodes, suck/were boring/were frustrating.

All-in-all, I am pleased at the way the final season of Lost is coming together.

I am enjoying the ride, and doing far less analysis on each episode. I’m seeing where this ship is going. And sink or swim, I’ll be on it to the end.

I liked “Happily Ever After” for the following reasons (*SPOILER ALERT*):

1. It clarified that the Sideways world is not exactly true. I don’t think it’s a complete fabrication — call it string theory or quantum physics if you want. I don’t think all our characters could interact in the Sideways world if they were each making up their own Sideways reality.

2. Henry Ian Cusick as Desmond Hume. Just an amazing, stellar job last night. I was floored when he finally tracked down Penny and instantly fell for her. He had been so skeptical of Charlie’s and Daniel’s stories of true love and love at first sight. And then it happens to him, and he goes with it.

Plus that smile.

3. I completely believed Desmond’s switch from the guy fighting his — loaded word here — destiny (and his FIL) to a man at peace and ready to embrace it. (“A lot can happen in 20 minutes.”) And? And? Become the new Jacob? Maybe? Or pick the new Jacob and help him/her shoulder the mantle of his/her destiny? We haven’t seen that Desmond is a candidate proper, but he sure is special, isn’t he? And last night, we saw him become okay with that.

And walk off with zombie Sayid into the woods. So that’s a little worrisome.

4. I liked seeing Daniel Faraday not being all twitchy. He was still A Serious Man, but without the “ums” and *eyebrow twitch* and *hand waves*.

5. The subtle humor: Desmond telling Sideways Claire he is not a fan of surprises; Eloise Hawking Widmore citing the unpredictable nature of things; Desmond and Widmore being close friends and sharing a 60-year-old glass of scotch.

One boo-boo: On the plane in the Season 6 premier, Desmond had a wedding ring. Continuity error, or more than one Sideways world?

In the meantime, Sideways Desmond has got to spread the gospel of the former John Locke: It’s time to go back to the Island. Which leads one to wonder about that “sacrifice” idea, no? I originally thought it was just going to be never seeing Penny and Charlie (the kid) again. I’m not thinking that now.

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