The Great Twitter Experiment of 2010

I made it 40 days and nights (mostly) without Twitter. And honestly, it was like quitting smoking.

I missed it a lot the first two weeks.

The next two weeks, I didn’t miss it quite as much.

The last two weeks of Lent? I didn’t think about it much at all. I didn’t even think about it on Easter until 3 p.m. — no lie.

And I still didn’t jump on until Monday.

I’m still sussing out what I’ve learned about how I use(d) Twitter.

I had five posts about what I missed about having access to Twitter:

1. Instant information (and/or opinion).
2. Instant (or nearly so) contact (i.e. for baby sitting requests fer instance).
3. Traffic and weather updates.
4. Restaurant reviews and/or suggestions.
5. The ease of fundraising.

(And, yes, they are mis-numbered. I skipped III)

But otherwise, although I missed the connection with people, I clearly saw the way Twitter was taking over the way I spent time. And now that I’ve made the break, I need to figure out how to make it stick. While also going back to Twitter.

I will be using Twitter in the five ways I mentioned above. I’ve organized the people I follow into lists (I know, I know, I’m slow; sue me). I will also have to limit my time on Twitter to certain times of the day (one way I hope the lists will come in handy).

I’m still figuring out things on the professional side, which hasn’t gone as well as I have liked. (But, hey, I still have a full-time job, knock wood.) And it ain’t over ’til it’s over, right?

All in all, it was positive, and I’m glad I did it. It helped me re-prioritize how I spend my time.

Besides, it’s hard to be on top of that potty training thing when you’re on Twitter. Trust me on that.

8 thoughts on “The Great Twitter Experiment of 2010

  1. Here is an idea that might help you-
    I mainly use twitter via phone. I set it so that tweets don’t come after 10 (?) and not before 8am. Also, I turn them OFF for weekends.
    This has helped me not be too consumed by Twitter. Although, I agree-it is handy for information!

    • Actually, I don’t have a smart phone (yet), and it’s better that way. I, too, am going to avoid Twitter on the weekends — they are getting too busy to be by my computer anyway. Same with evenings right now until the  kids are in bed. I’m working it out as I go along.

      BUT if I do get a phone and want to use it for Twitter, I will remember these guidelines! Thanks for the feedback.

  2. Good reflection.
    I have 3 “checks” in order to help me control my use of twitter:
    (1) I don’t have twitter set up on my phone (for receiving)
    (2) I don’t use it at work (I teach)
    (3) My husband and I have agreed no computer use after 9 pm.
    It works for me…at least for now.

    Love your experiment. Another tweep I know killed his whole account for Lent and has just reinvented himself. It’s all pretty interesting.

    Happy reconnecting. Hope work sorts itself out, too.

  3. You may need to add, remove, or change your lists.

    I think you should try duplicate layer of private lists, so you can play around without people seeing. (…that you ‘use’ them alongside Paula Poundstone!)

    • I’m confused. Am I doing lists wrong? It’s a distinct possibility.

      And I’m not sure how you ended up with Paula Poundstone. Must have checked the wrong box. Do you want to be moved? 😉 I think it would have been an honor!

      • You’ve done nothing wrong. It’s just tough to organize things into useful lists, much less lists viewed publicly. I suggest you leave your public lists in place just as they are.

        You can also manage your follows with private lists, in addition to the public. Then you can play, move people around, hide the really silly and addictive stuff, whatever.

        I added the Paula Poundstone remark because I thought it was pretty funny to be in such a select list, and with her. It kinda feels like she and I are trapped in a shower, water all over us, as her cats look on in fear and amazement.

  4. @anthony, now that I’m thinking of it, though, I have a private account. Maybe I should make my lists private, too. Hmm. Something for me to figure out.

    Never mind Paula’s cats — think of how her kids would feel!

  5. Tweeting about poop, though, there’s something to be said for that (or at least commiseration and the occasional tidbit of advice). Glad you’re going back to it, albeit in moderation.

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