Random Thoughts: Notes

I haven’t meant to have disappeared like that. Things are super busy. Which is, mostly, good.


Potty training Kate continues to be a disaster. I blame inconsistency on our part.


On the other hand, I have a post in mind called “Control Freak”, all about Kate, and how she wants to be in control of EVERYTHING right now, right down to her poop. And I don’t mean whether or not to poop on the potty β€” I mean that she doesn’t care to choose to poop at all right now, and will hold it… for long periods of time. If you’ve ever potty trained a stubborn toddler, you know the catch-22 this behavior leads to. Yeah, we’re there. Advice welcome in the comments.


Also, advice on helping my children fall asleep when they need to. The bedtime coups continue. Dan is ready to turn to melatonin? Melanin? Something like that? Help me out here, Interwebz. A 10 p.m. sleep-time is BAD for growing children. And their mommies.


Finally, Kim Z recommends the Fiery Furnances in my music post, and then adds that some people can’t stand them. So I checked them out on YouTube, and if you seriously are annoyed by this, something is wrong with you. (IMO.)


Happy Easter weekend, peeps. See you on the other side.

8 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: Notes

  1. Thanks for posting the video; I’d never seen it before. Fun!

    Sadly no advice on the kid stuff. I’m too busy worrying about what to do when my critter learns to climb over the safety fence. He’s already learned to hook his toes in a whole and pull up. I’m just dreading when he figures out that once pulled up he can hook his other toes higher and go up and over.

  2. Speaking of Peeps, sounds like you’re going to need a box or two to get you through this weekend! Good luck with the pooping and the sleeping. I’ll be interested to hear what works for you guys.

  3. 1. My daughter resisted with poop, also. She held it until she couldn’t and even explored with it, if you know what I mean. We just tried not to over react (easier said than done), cleaned it up and overwhelmed her with praise when she did it right. And then one day…she was done fighting and we declared success.

    2. Dr Sears gave me the idea to reward her for a week of going to bed without fighting by letting her sleep with mommy and daddy one night. We tried that and it actually worked for about a week, then sleeping with mommy and daddy lost its appeal. But you know the night time ritual thing does help. Dinner, bath, teeth, books, bed. If I consistently do those things calmly, I can usually get her to at least stay in her room and play quietly until she falls asleep herself. I’m happy if she’s at least in her room by 8:30. But you can’t force them to sleep, so sometimes that’s as good as it’s gonna get.

    Good luck!

    • 1. We are trying to stay cool, too. Mileage varies. And when she does it right, she gets lots of praise β€” and chocolate! She’s close; I know she is. I wish I knew why she was digging in her heels. If she were scared or having some “I don’t wanna grow up moments” or what. I feel like that would help me to help her.

      2. I told Flora last night that if she and Kate didn’t want to go to sleep right away at bedtime, it was okay. But they had to stay in their room, and they had to be quiet. I couldn’t keep running upstairs to see if they were killing each other (which is what it sound like sometimes). So I’ve let the “you have to sleep now” attitude go as long as I get my evenings to clean and read a little. It is as good as it’s going to get right now!

      Thanks for the comment!

  4. we give Aidan melatonin..1 mg a night. We use an orange flavored sublingual (dissolves under the tongue) that he takes with no problem. Call it his sleepy time medicine. we started with a half at first. just talked to his pediatrician today and she said you can give up to 6 mg (he weighs about 50 lbs)

    do you think the girls might be trying to stay awake until Dan gets home? Just a thought…

    • They do want to see Daddy when he gets home, which does complicate matters. But the thing that is the hardest is they ARE tired when I put them to bed, especially if they’ve been outside at all. So the longer they stay up, the crankier they get and the crankier I get. And Dan sometimes wants to spend time with ME when he gets home (hard to believe, I know) and/or watch Lost (and/or eat some dinner), and once he goes up to their room, he’s done for the night.

      We’re still working on it. As I mentioned in another reply, I don’t mind them staying up if they will be quiet. They do usually pass out around 9:30, and I’m more than happy to ignore them until then. πŸ™‚

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