You Don’t Know Me!

I’m still recovering a bit from the sudden surge in blog traffic from last week’s post in support of health care [insurance] reform. I had to close comments for a day to get a breather. I don’t mind intelligent debate, and I do think that some of the people who posted their opposition have some legitimate gripes and concerns. (As per my buddy Bluzdude, “paying for something I don’t want to” isn’t one of them. That’s how government works, for ill or good.)

Some people took issue if/when I deleted their comment. (I deleted about 10, maybe a dozen. One of them was an ugly misogynist rant, so don’t even get me started.) I deleted negative, go-nowhere rants (IMO) mostly, one or two that were completely off-topic, or if someone resorted to name-calling.

I know I made people unhappy. And I know that because some of them took it upon themselves to email me again to let them know how unhappy they were. One commenter even asked me to email the comment I had deleted back to him. Writing it had “wiped [him] out.”

I empty my trash really often. Sorry!

Although these further, er, communications made me angry, I took deep breaths and tried to stay calm (as I hit the delete key). I pretty much had two mantras:

1. Meh. It’s my blog.
2. These people don’t know me.

One of them wished me a happy Holy Week, I’m thinking somewhat sarcastically. Maybe he/she thinks I am a flaming liberal heathen. For the record, I’m a Catholic Democrat, which most of you probably know.

Another called me a weak-willed apologist.

My husband got a kick out of that.

For a little while, I felt like a big, popular (and/or infamous) blogger. And, honestly, I could have done without that.

I like my little niche of the Internet. I like the people who read/visit/comment on my site regularly. (There could be more of you commenting!) Ultimately, I’m in this for myself, to flex my writerly muscles, tell stories, talk about Lost and books or music, and occasionally air my opinion.

My husband is always handy with an analogy (sometimes graphic). He is amused by people who get offended by being banned from a site or by having their comments deleted (or not published in the first place). About the flak I got about deleting comments, he said, “Those people came and pooped on your front porch. It’s not censorship or poor etiquette to clean poop off your own porch.”

Like I said, graphic. But apt! That’s my baby!

9 thoughts on “You Don’t Know Me!

  1. I love analogies and that one was brilliant. I think analogies are mind games that help us get the last word in. And of course, I’m too fried to think of a clever analogy right now (and fried is a horrible cliche). No matter. It’ll come to me at 3 a.m!

    • I pointed out to my husband that a lot of his analogies have to do with poop, and he pointed out right back that everybody has experience with poop! Some of us more than others.

  2. Yes, analogies are a very useful tool. My husband is a master, too. It’s amazing how he can get the kids to do something by relating it to, say Elmo or Super Why. Magic.

    • Yes, Dan and I both use comparisions and analogies for the kids using what they are most familiar with. We tend to stay away from the poopy ones for them! 🙂

  3. It’s your house, Mama, and you can clean it out any time you please. It’s not unlike tossing out a party guest that overstays his welcome, and pees on your bathroom floor, to boot.

    Keep up the fight!

    Most of these pricks won’t be back anyway. Once they’ve smeared their ideological feces all over the walls, they’re on to the next unsuspecting site.

    As my baby sister used to say, “F’em and feed’em hot dogs.”

    • Sounds like me and your baby sister would get along!

      thanks. I know they won’t be back. Which is why I wonder why they felt the need to leave a comment in the first place. This whole Interwebs/commenting thing is such a mystery sometimes. I wonder if/when any of those people would have said anything in a conversation — or, really, if I would have talked about it. It’s a loaded subject without a doubt. My ILs and I haven’t touched it since the bill passed. In some ways that’s probably for the best, because I know we could never reach a consensus. Oh well.

  4. I just read through all the comments. WOW! I am still trying to find the list of all of the lobbyists on both sides of the argument to see what they were pushing. I think that would be an interesting read.

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