Why I Support Health Care Reform

Again, I’m not much about writing about political issues, but this has been on my mind (and on the news) a lot. I’ve done a lot of homework on this issue; I want to be informed about it. You know, in case I have to defend my position at Easter dinner with the ILs.

1. Extending health care to 32 million Americans without it. This, without a doubt, is the biggest reason I support reform. No one should have to worry about medical care, should have to make a choice between medication and food, should have to debate going to a doctor or an emergency room. And 32 million isn’t even everyone! But it’s way more people than are covered now.

2. The end of denying coverage for a pre-existing condition. The end of canceling coverage if someone gets sick.

3. The options that will be extended to un- and under-insured people. If I lose my job, I will be able to find options that will cover my family. If Dan, as a small business owner, decides to hire someone, he can provide insurance for him/her — with a tax incentive to do so even!

Those are pretty much the big three.

I know it’s a complex issue, and I can appreciate that. My chica Misfit Hausfrau posted a straightforward break-down link on her Facebook page, and I am shamelessly stealing it.

Why do you support or not support reform? I’m willing to talk about this under these conditions: the conversation doesn’t devolve into propaganda, lies, and/or name-calling. Play nice in the comments.

Updated: I am cautiously opening up comments again. Please read carefully through what is there; don’t just react to my title. I closed the comments yesterday because I think everything that needs to be said, on either side, that can still be said without devolving into insults, has been said. I probably won’t be responding to comments, either. I’m unused to this kind of traffic, and it’s been awfully time-consuming to respond to 50, 75 people! I got kids to look after!

If I keep getting comments from people making the same arguments, I’m just going to close comments again. There are people who agree with me and people who don’t. A couple of commenters skate close to the line on what I would call civil debate. Don’t cross it. I’ll toss your comment. This is my personal blog, and I won’t tolerate spewing rudeness. People have differing opinions, and we’re not likely to change each others’ minds. Deal with it.