I am doing two fundraising events this year.

The first is the March of Dimes March for Maddie. I’ll have the privilege to walk with the Pittsburgh team that I (and my two girls) walked with last year.

My personal goal is to get $250 to add to the pot. It’s not much, but every little bit counts. You can donate here, at my March of Dimes page.

The second event is a new one for me, Walk Now for Autism Speaks. My husband first did this about two years ago ā€” I don’t think he did it last year. I’m hoping we can do it as a family this year.

If you are interested, I would love to start a Pittsburgh bloggers team. I’d like to call it Pittsburgh Bloggers for A Boy. (I’ll explain later, and frankly, I probably need permission to do that.) With the rates of autism at 1 in every 166 children, it’s likely that you know someone on the spectrum, whether a friend or family member.


In both of these cases ā€” premature infants and autism ā€” my family has not been directly affected. My children, my girls, are healthy and what is called “normal” by society. (Gabriel was not premature, he wasn’t even at risk. He died for unknown and, probably, unknowable reasons.)

But Dan works with families whose lives have been touched by these factors. I have friends with children who are on the spectrum.

I can’t do much. Love, acceptance, support. And show my love, my support, for these families and my friends and their families.

If you want to come out, information about the Pittsburgh team for Maddie is here. (Maddie is Madeline Spohr, who was premature, and who died last year, at 17 months. Her mother writes, movingly, at The Spohrs are Multiplying.)

If you are interested in being on a team for Autism Speaks, let me know in the comments (or shoot me an email at albamaria30 [at] verizon [dot] net. I’ll start a team.

And then I’ll start harassing you all on Twitter and Facebook to donate to these worthy causes. You’ve been warned!

12 thoughts on “Forewarned

  1. Thank you, Thank you! And you have my permission to do whatever you need to raise money…share Aidan’s story. I have a couple stories of my own…although my posts are infrequent.

    There are so many amazing stories out there…amazing parents and amazing kids! I hope you don’t mind if I post the link…this is a very open and supportive community of parents of children with autism. I encourage folks to check it out…and join if you are so inclined! Please share with Dan so he can share with other parents!

    • Thank you for sharing the link! I will have more about these events in coming months. Want to come down and join us? You know you and your family are always welcome.

  2. I am already walking for the March of Dimes, we are on a family team and I am so passionate about raising money for the organization. I also have three healthy children so I feel blessed to be able to help where I can.

    Some friends and my hubby and I were talking about doing 3 charity walks throughout the year to help out and do our part. The autism walk was one that I want to do, I put it on our list!

    Maybe I will see you at the MoD walk, I told Michelle (BurghBaby) that we need to meet up while there!

    • Do you want to be part of a team, or just an individual walker? Your choice, of course, but I am going to get a team together. Thanks for your interest, and we’ll (maybe?) see you in May.

  3. My best friend is an Occupational Therapist specializing in autistic children up to age 3. I will be sure to forward a link to your blog to her. Good luck!

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